Saturday, December 16, 2006


I should be studying today. But I didn't. Why? Because I went to Midvalley, shopping!!!! And when I came home, I was too exhausted to even move. Not to mention study...

However, it was nice a day nice in Midvalley. :) Went out with my friend who came all the way from UTM to (not visit me) "tumpang" at my house for the weeked due to certain technical circumstances at her hostel. Since I am so bored, and I'm not intending to study yet, I'll be blogging bout my day in Midvalley.
*WARNING*: Skip if you're not into long-winded, diary-like journals.

We took the train. Stupid KTM made us wait so long (as always). Arrived at around 10a.m. There were already so many people there. Thought if I went early it would be almost empty or so, then I could shop faster and avoid fighting with the "si lai"s... Ish, spoil my plan nia. We went for breakfast at Delifrance. Didn't know why the Delifrance people seemed so reluctant to serve us. Made us wait so long until we were finally served. We asked the waiters/waitresses to take our order several times but they totally ignored us... I wonder why. Maybe I was just being sensitive. Maybe it's us. I bet if we look anything like Paris Hilton or some supermodel, they might had been fighting to take our orders.

After breakfast, we went for a stroll, admiring the Christmas decoration in Midvalley and even took some photos..
This is next to MPH. Some reaallly tall Christmas trees. And all the candiess!!! (talking bout the fake ones)

This is at the centre court. Dreamland.

After all the eye candies, we went shopping for christmas prezzies!!! I needed to buy something for a friend. :) I bought her an anklet. I hope she'd like it.
I bought a set of matching necklace, bracelet n earrings. I also got an MNG shirt. It's like MNG laa...Well, I never had MNG..and it's on sale. I just need to get it. Me splurger. :P
Let's see, what else. There's the food and egg tarts.
And, that's all. Arrived home at almost 6 p.m. So tired that fell asleep...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

First Post

Wow. My first post in my new blog. *feels proud*
Ya, sorry for the sudden delay. I need to take some time to regain myself from all the sobbing.
I know it sounds exaggerated but you just don't understand. THIS is an IMPORTANT thing to ME. THIS is my FIRST time blogging. And to me, it's something to be proud of. I just can't help it but feel touched about this. *sobs* (it's all your fault for making me cry again)...
Okay, no worries. I'm fine. Yup. Anyway, enjoy reading the blog. I really hope so.

P/S: Oh, if you really believe that I'm that an ass la.