Friday, April 29, 2011


Again, it's one of those pics where it's been kept in storage for like the longest time and just for a glimpse of it....

1. Went to this ice cream place called 3 Steps to Heaven

Had their specialty marble slab ice cream where the combine 2 flavours of ice cream and add in some extra things eg. smarties, rocky road, etc. Because it's done on a cold marble the ice cream doesn't melt and thus enables the combination.... it turns out like this..

The inside of the shop. Sells other confectioneries as well

They also sell savoury foods. Ryan was hungry, so he had some soup and panini.

2. I bought this coupon for a dozen cupcakes from 12 pounds when the original price is 30 pounds.

Okay this doesn't do it justice but it was really yummilicious!

3. This is a just a picture of my meal of sea bass and potatoes or smth from Mussel Inn during my friend's birthday dinner.