Monday, April 30, 2007


I got B for hemato.

Someone wish me happy birthday.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Exams over dy!!!!

But i did terribly in it lor..nvm got must study harder
But then hor...a few days dy..and i still haven't study yet..
And there are a lot of lectures one
Just yesterday's lectures kantoi enough dy la...
Cannot study earlier because want practise mock osce mah...
Haih~~ so many problems...

These few days so semangated go watch movie sumore...shish
Just went to Midvalley to watch Wild Hogs today. It's so funnny..shud reli watch it!!!!!!!
The beginning got a lot of gay of the funniest part!!!!
Seriously shud watch....

But actually buy DVD better lor...can watch over and over at home..
Wuahahahaha....good free time entertainment :)

Now shoo...go watch

i mean NOW!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I'm so sien of studying. Maybe I'll wake up early and revise tomorrow. Haih~~ Always like this before exam...
In the end, don't know can remember anything or not also...die la.
Oh Lord, I'm counting on you again. I've been trying hard to study Lord, but I leave it to you. If it's your will then let it be.

P/S:But deep inside I am praying that I can do well lorrr...

Ngiak...I'm slacking.

Random-posting before exam.

I have my leukocyte notes beside me...and practically nothing goes into the already hyperresonating mind..

xtra: when percussing an area filled with air, hyperresonance is supposedly detected.
percussing...on another note, is an action of stricking two bodies together, producing a sound..

Okay, I know it sounds's very much medical, that's why.
Sorryy....I *am* a medical student, you see..
Can't help it..especially when tomorrow's my exam...

But it's okay..after 12.00 tomorrow....
I AM FREEEEEE....for the moment anyway.
I have to study for mock OSCE after that...
this is
life of a medical student.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Super stress.

Especially after Dr. Thani's case discussion..
Bombarding us with all the slides and pictures and counts....ARGGGHHH
I cannot remember a single thing and I've forgetten all my anemia...
Can I make it this time?
I know it might sound kiasu and selfish...but I want to get A for my hemato cos I suck big time for my respi..

Anyway, STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Guy Who Loves You

The guy who loves you ,
if he can't always see you,
he will try to make himself busy,
for not to have any time to remember you,
because he knew,
if he did,
he will keep on missing you until he could do nothing.

The guy who love you,
can't tell you the reason why he love you.
He only knew that,
in his eyes,
you are the only one

The guy who love you,
seldom praise you,
but in his heart,
you are the best,
only he know it..

The guy who love you,
will scold or complaint
if you din't reply his message but others,
because he cares.

The guy who love you,
only drop his tears infront of you,
when you try to wipe his tears,
you are touching his heart ,
the heart which beat for you.

The guy who love you ,
will remember every word u said ,
even its accidentally
and he will use the word always at the nick of time.

The guy who love you,
will not give any promise that easily,
because they don't want to break the promise,
they want you to believe him
and they want to give you the happiest and safest life ever after.

The guy who love you,
always tell you not to think too much,
because they already plan it for you,
he want to give u the best life in the future,
he want to give you a suprise,
believe him that he can do it.

The guy who love you,
will go to airport to fetch you,
he won't carry a bunch a rose
and call you darling like what you expect,
but he will carry your ludgage
and ask you "why are you becoming that thin within two days?"
with his sincere heart.

The guy who love you,
will listen quietly to you,
when you are mad,
and when you finished,
he will say,
you still got class tomorrow,
sleep earlier with smile.

The guy who love you,
don't know that whether he should call you
when you are angry,
but he will sent a message to you after few hours,
if you ask him why he call that late,
he will say,
when you are angry,
my explanation areallrubbish.
But when you calm down,
my explanation will only really works.

The guy who love you,
always call you little girl,
but everytime he want to make a big decision,
he will first want to hear your advice.

The guy who love you,
don't like little toy like teddy bear,
but he will always
put the bear you give him at his bed.

The guy who love you,
while quarelling,
he will apologize uncontrollably,
although you are the one who's wrong,
and later,
he will sent a message to you with
" baby,actually you know its your fault, you know iturself "

The guy who love you,
while really miss you,
he will want to buy a bunch of rose
and wait you stupidly under your apartment..
but he never knows ,
what he bought is daisy,
but doesn't matter,
because in his heart,
that's roses.

Girls in crush, love,
do you think the guy who's beside you
do really love you?
if yes, wish you have the happiest day ever after.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


In times of doubt,
in times of sorrow,
in times of depression,
in times when you do not know what to feel,
and in times when you don't feel like yourself,
always remember that there is someone watching out for you,
and are willing to help whenever needed.

All you have to do is reach your hands out,
and they will hold it,
providing you confidence and love.
If you ask them whether they will take your hand
if you reach out to them,
they will tell you no.
Because their hands are already there for you to reach out to.

Even if there are people
who doesn't love you anymore,
there is no need to worry
because God will always send someone better
along the way
for you to love
and who will love you more.

You can never feel alone
when you believe in God
and put you faith in him,
for the Lord loves you so much
that he will never let that happen to you.
He lets you know that he always cares
and his love for you is unconditional.
How, you ask?
Just because you cannot see him,
you think he's not there for you.
That is not true
because God is always with us.
He comes in different shapes and sizes.
He comes to us as our best friend.
He created that special person to accompany us and take care of us.
So, never say that the Lord is not here.
He is always there, looking out for us.
He is our ultimate friend.

He says,"Happy are those who has not seen me and yet believes in me, the kingdom of heaven is theirs".

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


One word.


when will i be able to free myself?