Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 13/10/13

Hey hey, it's a Tuesday, I know. But I am going to write about my week from prior to the above date. Anyways, I am on annual leave at the moment. It had been a busy 2 weeks for me. I did finish my long days on Thursday and pretty much been faffing about the past weekend. Didn't get too much done and stressing myself into a stupor....

To be honest, there wasn't anything particularly socially interesting that happened last week as I was working most of the time. Work, had been pretty interesting for me though. I had to see a few sick-ish people and I think I am learning more on how to deal with them now!! So, a bit of a milestone for me.

The only thing that I am blogging about is Mr Dino's birthday and what we did for it lol. His birthday was on Monday but we kinda celebrated it earlier than that. I treated him to dinner the Friday prior - he wasn't the fancy type, so we just went to a Chinese buffet lol. Our fav at the moment in Panda House at the Quay. It is pretty good in my opinion. Sorry, no pics as had been to that place so many times...I just forgot..

Gave him his present early as well. I got him a wallet. Well, he said he liked it, so that's good haha. It's a John Rocha wallet, I just thought it's functionally well equipped to his needs - doubled billed, with good number of card slots (and also a clear slot for pictures!). It's real leather exterior, so should last him considerably long. I don't have a picture of it either hahhaa - I think I just got lazy.

Then over the weekend, did a bit of a baking experiment. I baked some fruit based chocolate cake for him. It was not his type but he said it was nice... It wasn't bad. And it looked pretty nice - at first. Then it started melting....urrgghh. There goes my baking career. Nonetheless, this is where I bombard pictures at you guys....

Bought a bottle of rose wine from Tesco - it has the same ingredients as the one I tasted at Tempus restaurant but it doesn't taste the same... funny story - I wasn't allowed the wine at first cause I didn't have ID *sob sob*  

Mr Dino promoting wino - in the end I drank most of it anyway.... 

Me and cake - it didn't go to plan! 

I'd still eat it 


Cake and wine? 

I looks nice like that hahaha 

And to top it off with Mr Dino and his cake 

Over the weekend, we did also go to the Fort and then Nando's. It's like a little date day heheh. Bought more stuffs....

Long necklace that is meant to be worn in a unique way.... maybe I'll show it one day lol 

Heart shaped pendant 

Checkered button down shirt 

Black, pink, purple patterned clutch 

 When you open it

Fingerless gloves lol love love love

Selfie pic 

Happy steph 

My hot quater chicken with chips and coleslaw 

Mr Dino's chicken filler burger with chips and corn on the cob

That concludes the (belated) post of the week....

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 06/10/13I

Yo. It's another weekend gone. I was working nightshift last week. It was not too bad actually. Got a bit exciting on the last day of my nights which quickly descended to feeling completely useless and shiet..... Anyways, can't really remember much of what I did the previous week.

Went for lunch with Mr Dino's family (aunts, uncle and gran) at the Chophouse. It's this little place in Merchant City, which is quite nice and reasonably priced. Unfortunately, my order of main wasn't great, so nothing to rave about. I don't have pictures of what everyone else ate (except Mr Dino's of course)... which is a shame. Because, everyone else is saying how tasty their food was and I was like....ehhhh.

Right,picture time!!

The Chophouse 

Me at the non-entry door - wearing new faux leather jacket and a cream dress... 

My starter - bbq chicken wings, was superb!! So succulent and niceee

Mr Dino's pan fried mushrooms- was nice as well lol

My pork chops with mash and apple sauce - very bland and dry pork chops, and the apple sauce not very nice. Though, the mash was tasty.....-_- 

Mr Dino's braised steak - very yummyyy. 

Others had steak, fish and chips and also haggis. All sounds and looks so much nicer than mine....:((

To compensate for the rubbish pork chops - got a knickerbocker glory which is niiicceee

I want to go back there to try something else!! So unfair!! 

So, let's see. What else happened... went for dinner with Mr Dino on Friday night at Panda House for chinese buffet. Was good as usual. Aimed for the prawns immediately.. heheh. No pics as been there so many times... but

My OOTD - panda T-shirt and denim like dungaree high waisted skirt 

Side profile

I look a little fat in the dungarees.... it is a little loose for me. :(

Oh, I have also booked tickets to go back to Malaysia this Dec-Jan!! Excited!! I am going home after more than a year lol... Argghhh. There shalt be loads of eating. Hahahahhaa. 

Okay, I have run out of things to write now... tomorrow is Mr Dino's birthday. Will update more on that next week :D