Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grad Ball

Yes picturessss of my grad ball!!

We have out grad ball at McDonald Aviemore Resort. We arrived round lunch time and were hungry so we had some late lunch.

It's been a while since the ball, so I don't remember what I ate. I think it's chicken and mushroom pie with some vegs on the side.

The area of the resort is huge, this restaurant is part of one of the hotels...

After lunch, we went to check in into our room which took a while to find but the room was niccceeee

The bathroom

Front door with cupboard on the right

3 beds

Mirror and desk

They have bathrobes for us!!

Time came to dress up and make upp

Me applying eyeshadow

Then we went for pre dinner drinks and pictures before heading off for the main meal.

Camwhore before eating

Live jazzy band

Group photo

The staffs about to serve starters


The table

Pictures of me

Starter of haggis, neeps and tatties


More group photo

While having the main course, some dancing

Main course of chicken - yummyy


Dessert - don't remember

Some oddly dark picture of me taken by my friend

More pictures of tableware in candlelit mode

Other tables

MacDonald Aviemore

Our Year 5 coordinator giving a speech

Just in case you're still wondering, I obviously selected pictures with me inside....

Wats tat??

With Kim Chuan

Ceilidh dancing!!

With Yee Jun

More dancing

With Jamie

Whole body picture