Saturday, September 25, 2010


I know this is a bit later but I was waiting for all my presents before I can post them up :)

So, the night before, I went over to Ryan's and stayed over until midnight. And it was our 1st official anniversary as well :) :) Double happiness!! 

Ryan came to fetch me in a suit. Hehe.

Pressies from Ryan and his mum and cake!

He bought the cake from Chinatown.

Wooo pweeeettyyyy..... with fruits all around it :)

Cut cake

Psycho killer

I bought him a hat for our anniversary. :) He looks nice in it!

Big baby suit :) Loveeessss. Warm and cosy for winter!!

Skirt which is too big for needs to be taken back for exchange but I still haven't gotten it back..:(

New flatss

Shoes, they are not grey but black (it's the flash)


Erm underwear...

Small cakes from Chinatown bakery

And we ate some of the cakes. Hahah. The next day, after hospital Ryan and I went for lunch cause I have something on at night. So we went to Ichiban.

I think it has a pretty nice atmosphere

Green tea

Miso soup and pickles

I ordered oyako-don (chicken on rice basically...). It's nice but not as nice as I expected....

Ryan's seafood rice (cannot remember menu name)

And I wanted to try some sushi. Tamago and something else...which are nice! Yummm

At night, there was this Malaysian Integration Night. And my friends decided to surprise me with a cake :) So sweeettttt

Blowing candles

Look! My pretty cakeee

Naomi's and Poyi's present

Liying's and Zoe's present

Hula girl dress up kit lol.

Comes with a grass skirt

A lei, hair clip and 2 flower bands

And presents from Zakhir. I get to choose them myself. A pair of black boots from Primark!

A waisted belt in nude cream

And a skinny belt in brown

I am happy happy with my pressies and of course to Fong as well!!!! Thanks for the earphones Wheeeee!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mooncake Festival

Well this year's Mooncake Festival, didn't really do anything. No dinners or lighting lanterns...sigh. Just attempted to buy a mooncake to get a 'mooncakey-feeling' Hmmm. Oh well, mooncakes are wayyyy too expensive here so I just got a really really small one from SeeWoo :)

 How cute! Comes with a bag...

 The mooncake box. Pink and cute!! I think it's from Hong Kong.

Green tea with red bean and yam flavour...

Looks nice. 

It tastes okay. A bit weird but not bad. I miss the traditional mooncakes sigh... oh well. Maybe next year I can import some back. Or someone can mail me some :)