Friday, December 19, 2008


Thursday night, we sort of had a gathering at Yew Wen's place. We invited one of our batchmates, Jamie to come. He's a direct entry student like us. He's from St. Andrews. We invited some others too but they couldn't make it...

We cooked some Malaysian dishes. There's chicken. 2 chicken dishes actually and it tasted good. Thanks to Chef Alfredo! And there were sushi. Thanks to Naomi and Yew Wen. Yumm...hand made la some more... And, there were pizza. Thanks to Lieo Jiun. And there were cheesecake by Li Li and apple crumble. Apple crumble is by your's truly....:) And also some sago desert with gula melaka by Alfred. Ohhh....everything was really delicious...!!!!!!!

So, we ate and chatted and joked around and laughed. It was fun!! :)

Afterwards, we played Wii. Yes, Yew Wen's housemate, John? (who also joined us for dinner!!) has Wii in the house!! SO COOL!!! We played tennis and boxing.

The boxing thing was so tiring. Alfred was doing it in a really really funny way. He described it as doing a cha cham bo. You know that dance.... Naomi, Art (oh yeah, Art, Naomi's housemate, also came) and me just laughed and laughed. I laughed until I had a stomachache!! He was battling with Jamie and in the end Jamie also started using his method and he actually won against him... and he lost to him before that using a normal boxing way. It was hilarious!!!!!!

Then we played Resident Evil. OMG it was sooo crazy and scary and exciting all at the same time!! Halfway through, Jamie had to go back. It was really late by then anyway, like 12 something already.

We continued playing after that. And we were trying to finish this level and just couldn't get through that stupid monster and we already tried a lot of ways too...In the end, the monster was finally defeated in a really simple way.....but we were just relieved to be able to get through it... AIhhh. And by the time we were done, do you know what time it was? It was 6 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I woke up at 10 a.m. the next day....I think I'm crazy....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oran Mor

I've always heard a lot about Oran Mor but I've not gotten there yet... until last Thursday!!!

It's a cathedral turned pub/bar/club/restaurant and etc etc. It's a really really beautiful place. I guess it does look a bit dodgy from the outside especially at night but inside it looks fantastic!!! Then again, I've only gotten to see a small part of it...

Oran Mor at night. One of the towers.

The main door.

So, I went there with Liying last Thursday. We went to the Whisky Bar cause Liying always said she wanted to try the Whisky of the Month or something... So we did!

It has sort of a nice ambience to it. I liked the way it looks like those old cowboy scenes with a modern twist. Hmm...I'm confused with my description..

I know it's dark and all.. There's the bar at the back. See the glitter? Those are bottles.

The seats are beautiful and the curtains and the pictures hanging there. Nice. Really nice.

Me and Liying. Dark picture but I think there's another picture in my phone but I haven't upload it onto the laptop yet.

I was taking the Malt of the Month. Isle of Jura. I hope I didn't get it wrong... It was ok....

Liying was drinking Ardberg. Urghh. Tastes really strong. But, really, sip after sip, it starts to get more bearable.

My cup.

In the end, Liying couldn't take she went and get a non alcoholic drink. I mixed it with the whisky and it was much better....

We wanted to the club but they change entry fee, so we skipped it. Maybe next time. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Glasgow

These are some photos that I've took or taken of me in Glasgow that I had not posted up...

So, this is sort of like a compilation of them all. Enjoy. :)

This is Ashton Lane. It has a lot of interesting shops.

This is Rumours. It's a Malaysian shop. And the food is not bad...

Some kids in kilt playing bagpipes.

There are a a lot of performers on the street. And some of them are not bad at all. And some of them are really memorable. Maybe next time I should take some pictures of them...

Chinatown in Glasgow. Not that fantastic a place. But okay...

Cock branded banana in syrup. Such compatibility.

Something sold in SeeWoo.

Looks like a church turned shopping place.

This is taken on my way to my GP place.

Look!! Homer Simpson!!!!!!

This is how you wear them. Looks like Homer swallowing your feet! SO ADORABLE!! *squeak*

This is on my housemate's door.

It was from this box.

This is a poster made by Lieo Jiun for his flat and is now resting on the door of the bathroom.

SO, when you're sitting on the toilet shitting, this is what will be staring at you...

This is just a photo of me and Marc.

Antonio, me, Liying and Marc. This was a long time agoo....

This is Jamie!! And Lieo Jiun.

Jamie is a direct entry student like us IMU-ians. He's from St. Andrews and because of the introduction thing we had in the first 5 weeks of entering the uni, we all got to know each other better... and, coincidentally we are in the same posting to Ayr Hospital. And, to get there, we have to take a train which takes almost an hour to reach there. Yes, it's that far.

Jamie takes a newspaper on board.

Jamie, Zakhir, and Jennifer.

Jennifer is another of the St. Andrew's students. And she has a very strong and erm...unique personality but once you get to know her, I just got to respect her sometimes. She's got more balls than any other guys out there.

This is just some random picture of some students in the cafeteria preparing for someone's birthday surprise.

Antonio, Nicolo, me and Liying.

Us and Liying's friends in Pharmacy.

Liying's mum's cookings!!!!

Group pic when Liying's mum came. The one in purple.

This is when Han Ying came to visit.

Group pic!!

Sree made pancakes for breakfast!

Apple crumble.

I made them!! Well, so far, that's the only thing that's kinda successful..

Naomi and Han Ying.

This is Helene posing with the drinking game shot glass.

I think I've introduced her before. Have I? She's Liying and Lieo Jiun's French housemate.


Liying and her shot glass.

The drinking snakes and ladders game.

I'm holding a cup of mulled wine. Mmmm. Keeps me warm.

Flowers at the Christmas Market.

Liying enjoying her chocolates.

I wanted to buy a banana covered chocolate. Yummy!!!!!!!

Alfred and Yew Wen.

We were at the Partick Tavern chatting away.

Me, Naomi, Poyi and Chiyang.

Poker chips. Trying to be artsy and all..

Looks like ghost shadows... This is us playing poker.

Alfred was the dealer. Okay, we get it.

Poker set. Guess who's...

Ingredients for cake.

In the midst of it.

Naomi and Liying.

Naomi actually rolled up hers to take a pic of short pants together. Funny la...

This is Edah.

She's a direct entry student from Brunei. She's at Liying's place to bake a cake for Syukri's birthday, which is another student from Brunei.