Monday, January 4, 2010


Marc and Antonio came. Haven't seen them for so long!! I forgot how much fun we had with them around. We went out to eat. We went to Sloans.
It's the oldest restaurant in Glasgow. It's a very nice building.

Look, they wrote Powder Room in front of the ladies room. That is soo cute!

We went upstairs and sat in a private room. Cause no one is there anyway..

There's a bar in the room!

And here's our menu.

And the waiter is so upbeat. He kept saying 'Yeah, man'. It's quite weird actually...

But, he was nice. He offered to take the picture for us.:)

And this is what we ordered. A steak and Kelburn Ale pie and chips and peas for Antonio.

I ordered this which is beef burger with relish and gherkin and chips. Marc ordered the same but with extra bacon.

This is tuna sandwich and side salad for Liying.

Then we went to buy groceries and went over to LJ's to cook dinner. I wasn't part of the cooking, I helped taking dishes and bring stuffs and things like that...-_-

Yum, we had potato wedges, curry that Liying cooked and some Chinese stir fry thing that Antonio cooked. He's a good cook.

This is me enjoying some home made Sarawak laksa. Yummm

We sat around watching TV and stuffs for a while until they were leaving for the airport cause Marc was going back the next day early in the morning. Before LJ brought them there, he drove us home. And then when I got home, I couldn't sleep..Bummer! I feel asleep at 6 something am and woke up at 9 something am. Not bad huh...

Sunday, January 3, 2010


These are just pictures of food that I've taken. Most of them were taken quite some time ago so I don't remember what they are...but they're all yummy!

These pictures are from Papperino's ( Italian restaurant) for Ryan's birthday.

This is some creamy pasta.

A beef burger.

Dessert which I do not remember what it consists of...

This is from O' Neils (Irish yummy beef burger-serving bar/diner)

These are from this tiny little homely restaurant called No.16.

These are appetisers. I don't remember what they are specifically but I think this is fish cake..

and this is sea bream (fish)...

And soup ( don't know what's inside but I'm pretty sure there were sweet potatoes)...

And these are main dishes.

Venison. (I think)

Fish...( I think I had this...)

And finally dessert!

Rice pudding and apricots/peaches (either one)

Apple crumble and ice cream ( I think)..

And these are from my birthday dinner with Ryan at another Italian restaurant called...the Italian Kitchen (actually I barely remember what's it called - let's just say that's the name).

Had some Rose wine for myself.

Bruchetta for starters.

Pasta for both of us.

And dessert is creme brulee!!

And meringue with ice cream. This must be mine cause Ryan doesn't like ice cream..

And this is also from another of my birthday dinner at TGIF with friends.

Mudslide. (alcholic)
And these are from Shilla (previously known as Kokuryo) - a Korean restaurant for our 3 month anniversary.

Starting side dishes.

Dumplings for starters.

Some seafood thing for Ryan.

I don't remember what it's called - it's like mixed ingredients and rice in a hot pot with amazing sauce (yummy!)

These are from my first time in Ketchup - shop specialising in burgers.

This is my burger. Ultimate Chicken. Or something like such. It's chicken.

with ham.
This is my friend's order - Phish food. Well if you hadn't guessed it, it's fish burger.

Next are from a restaurant called the blind pig. They have a bar next door.

This is the fish pie which I had.

And the side dishes they come with.

The whole roasted chicken for two my friend had.

Dessert is chocolate tart with whisky cream.

And sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce.

These are from TGIF.

These is a burger...I'm sorry, once idea what it's called.

Some tortilla-like thing.

And brownies and ice cream...slrppps

This is Blas, a small restaurant opposite Kelvinhaugh Art Gallery and Museum.

Smoked salmon and haddock pie and fries.

Haggies, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes).

This is 78 - a bar serving vegetarian food and organic stuffs including beer.

This is a classic veggie burger with tomato relish.

This is a smoked tofu burger with satay sauce.

Vanilla ice cream toasted cashews with orange blossom syrup.

These are from this place called Equi, which is essentially an ice cream parlour but offers also other variety of main courses such as fish and chips.

I don't think I had fish the other day...looks like cordon bleu. Oh well.

My friend had a palate of variety of ice creams - I think it's called the Da Vinci Palate.

This is mine. Forgot what it's called. Don't even recall what flavour ice cream I had. But I do remember that Turkish Delight was as it's name - delightful! And I had a snowball as you see below on top of the ice cream - it's basically chocolate covered marshmallow coated with grated coconut. ( It's melts in your mouth!!!)

These below are from Firebird - a restaurant near my accomodation area.

This is the special of that day - swordfish ravioli in a lemon cream sauce with rocket, capers and herbs. It's nice but a bit sourish..for my taste.

My friend had a Italian sausage pizza.

And for dessert - raspberry and peach slice with vanilla clotted cream.

That's for now.