Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back to Japan

Today Fong is going back to Japan. I feel a bit depressed. It's probably the pre-exam thing anyway... but still, there's always the after taste that of an aching feeling. You know, the one that accompanies when you leave family and friends and you sort of miss them...

So, she arrived in the afternoon and then we went to Midvalley (Fong, Sharon and I). And we went for lunch at Secret Recipe and met Shin there. After lunch, we went to see the pet exhibition. The animals are sooo cute. Too bad I couldn't take them back...

Little kitty kat.

Another kitty kat.

Georgous doggies. Father and son. :)

After some time, Fong and I decided to go to Carrefour to get some stuffs first. It was not for long. Went to ta pau some food home and we departed back to Vista...

She's gone now. Just left about an hour and a half ago. I'm so gonna miss her. Sigh.

Here are some pics for your erm...entertainment.

Fong and I at the pet exhibition.

Fong and Shin at the exhibition.

Shin, Sharon and I in Carrefour.

Fong and I outside Carrefour near the toilet and ATM.

Shin and I outside Carrefour.

Shin, Fong and I at the same place again.

I'll miss you guys. So gonna miss you guys. Arghghhghghghghgh....

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Long emotional ranting ahead. Do not read if you are not into feeling more depressed. Do read if you are into delving in other people's bad days...

I am so frustrated.
Fong!!!! Why aren't you online. Geesh...I'm being more and more possessive every day.
Or more like addicted. Arghhhh..

I can't focus on studying. As much my brain is saying, logically, it's time for you to start studying!!! Start right now!!! I know. But, my body and soul aren't really responding. Such failure.

All this makes me feel like a complete loser. I have seen people who have so much more to stress about than me but they seem to be handling it just fine. And me, I am just stressed out by just all this minor, insignificant things??? I am such a failure, man.

Right now, I am thinking that I have not finished my CVS study schedule. In fact, I am wayyyy behind. And I have to wake up early for some patho session tomorrow. And I have to dread PBL and all the researching and studying and presenting. I am worried cause I can't seem to really remember what I have read throughout the week of MSK. I am worried for the fund raising. Don't know how it is doing. And I feel like I am not doing much... I'm thinking I have to study for CSU on Tuesday and praying I don't get in any trouble during CSU. Which means not getting some specific lecturers... I have sooo many things on my mind, it is really really driving me crazy. And of course, as usual, adding to my emoness. SIGH.

It is thus again, the season of Lent. And, like most Lent, I had never done anything special for it. You know, stuffs like fasting, abstaining from favourite stuffs or doing some spritual thing. And I haven't even been to confession!!! I shall not mention how long...

Really. I think I have been thinking too much. I was even thinking when I wrote the line before!!!!! I should turn off my brain for a while. Where's the switch...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Stuffs from Japan

My friend came back from Japan. Yes, Fong, it's you :)
And she brought me stuffs. Haha.

This is a watch she bought from Jusco, Japan.

Souveniors from Backstreet Boys concert in Japan!!!

A black bag.

A white bag.

A handphone pouch.

Earrings. There were also necklaces which pictures I didn't take.

Hair clips.
Of course, as a norm, we went out.

Sticker photos took in Midvalley.

And more. :)
She also brought me clothes that she decided to discard. Yeah!!!
Thank you soooo much. Muaks!!
She went back home this morning. I miss her so much. :(