Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Bought a voucher from Groupon for an overnight stay and dinner and breakfast at a boutique hotel in Edinburgh called Tigerlily.

Ryan drove us there and we were asked to wait for the key as the occupants the rooms had not been cleaned yet. We waited for an hour at least before the room was ready and they almost forgot that we were waiting as well. But otherwise, the service wasn't too bad...

On arrival, while we were waiting we were given a certificate for a free specialty cocktail. We decided to save it for use later on during dinner.

Obviously, I had a lot of time to take pictures of the waiting area and restaurant/pub downstairs. It was raining outside, I couldn't be bothered to venture outside...

Finally, we got the card to our rooms!

It was cosy room and very pretty and modern. It was well furnished and decorated.

 A TV at the end of bed. And it swivels!

Dressing table opposite the bed.

Fridge and food and safebox. Most food for sale of course and price list given...but free tea and coffee and some complimentary biscuits available.

And the most interesting thing, there's an iPod in the room.....!!! And you can play songs on it. I wonder if they worry that customers will steal it? Obviously, never tried....

Ironing board also available.

They have chairs with fake sheepskin on it. This is supposed to be picture of it....

And an amazing bathroom!!

It has a tap that pours water like a waterfall...

Embroided hand towels. Or face towels?

Self shots....testing the mirror

House slippers that I took back with me eventually....

Making full use of the bath robe

Then, we went for dinner downstairs.

Complimentary bread and olives to start

Start of calamari and vermicilli

Spiced Tiger - specialty cocktail

 Main course - braised pork

Seabass and udon for me....

And chocolate pudding for dessert was ice cream....lovely!!

Oh, we also get a complimentary entry into the nightclub belonging to the same management - Lulu.

Used their toilet as well....very fancy

It's so cute that the female loo is labeled lily...

and the male - tiger.Grrrrrr

The next morning, we get complimentary breakfast and we opted for the bed and breakfast. They have a form you fill in to order breakfast. We had full English breakfast and you can decide the time period for the food to arrive as well...

Was so contented and full after that....full English breakfast and orange juice and tea...ahhhhhhh

Then it's time for checkout :( While Ryan went to get the car around I took pictures hahahaha

Ahhhh I was relaxed. Would love to go back again......