Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 23/06/2013

This is 2 days later.... I know.

But before I start, I just want to say I am going to Greece!! For a holiday!! WHeeeeeeee. For a week!! I will have so much to do when I come back though... partly because...

I've moved over to Mr. Dino's over the weekend. Lol. Hired a van from Arnold Clark and moved my heavy stuffs over. Had a bit of a problem with the desk but managed it in the end anyway hahah. Also went to Ikea and got some furniture which included my fav daybed!! So excited about it. It's still not built mine you but I am looking forward to building it lalalala.....

It was just working and moving over the weekday otherwise.

Went over to Naomi's on Saturday for a lil BBQ but weather wasn't the best. There was some problem lighting the fire for the BBQ but I obviously wasn't involved lol. Couldn't light a fire if a bear was chasing after me... But did manage to grill a few meat and skewered chicken before the rain came down. Then proceeded indoors for more food and chit chat. It was a nice little catch up.

And then I shall conclude with some pics of more stuffs I bought... and ate (although I actually bought it after the weekend....)

Oyako-don at Ichiban 

Patterned clutch bag with neon background 

A large tote beach bag for holeeeeddddaaayyy

Will update after holiday or during if I feel like it hahahaa. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 16/06/13

This is going to have to cover about 2 weeks of my life haha. Which actually isn't that long.....

So, let's start with some good news. I've got a job now. I'm going to be doing a Clinical Research and Teaching Fellow in General Medicine come August. Really happy about that. I wasn't actually interviewing for that post but they had other posts available that they could offer and I was just happy they can offer me one. I was very worried about not having a job and I'd have to go back to Malaysia or something. But now I can move in with Ryan, at least for the whole year. The job is in Ayr, meaning I would have to travel quite a lot but it's still in Glasgow. It's all worked out pretty good. Hurrayyyy!!!!

To digress a little, I had the afternoon off after the interview in Ayr. Ryan very kindly took me to the interview and waited for me haha. We then went to the seafront for a walk. It was a really sunny day and was so lovely haha. I've never been there and it was one of those really nice sandy beach but obviously Scotland doesn't usually have the best weather for sunbathing. So, the existence of the beach was a waste most of the time... However, here's a picture to make you a bit jealous...

Oh, before that day I have went to Matalan and done a bit of shopping as well. Let me show you..

New house slippers to replace my old ones 

A formal shift dress 

New black formal trousers 

Cream formal trousers

Last Friday, also went for dinner and ceilidh at Sloan's with the rest of the surgical/ortho team. It was a really good night. Unfortunately, I have no photos of that night at all... I know, I am disappointed with myself as well. I was too tired and lazy to take any pictures. It was a really fun night though. Loads of laughter and dancing! Hahah. I also finally got to do the helicopter which had been my dream for a while now lol. How sad..... 

The rest went out later on but I couldn't go. I was working over the weekend, so had to go home earlier that day.... :( 

Over the past week, I have mainly been packing and moving things over to Ryan's. The house is a total mess what with the tiling and all that. It frustrates me. I need to try and clean that place up a little bit coming week... if not I have no space to put my things!!

Yesterday was the summer ball which was held at the Grand Central Hotel. It was an enjoyable night. Drank quite a bit of wine which helped through the night but also meant when I woke up this morning, I was so dizzy and was really sick..... I forgot I have horrible hangovers. 

I still had a lot of fun yesterday. Sat at the same table as the other surgical registrars which is good cause I know them lol and one of FY1 and her fiance. The food was nice and the ceilidh band was good hahaa. I like them and was actually considering them for the band for my wedding lol... (when it does happen). Ryan was too tired and so we didn't dance too much of the ceilidh but did manage a few hahah. So I can't complain really. Oh, guess what?? I won a raffle!! So exciting!! I never win raffles! And we get to choose our prices lol. I chose a meal for 2 at the same hotel. Damn it was exciting!!

Some pictures I took from my phone and also some pre party pictures of moi....

Sorry there wasn't any pictures with a nice background of my whole body...so just imagine me wearing silver shoes lol. And I actually don't like this picture cause my face looks so fat and I look so broad and stout but ....oh well. 

Here's one with a close up of my face. I look freaking older than my actual age..... (sorry I complain too much but I do look old....) 

Our table - named Hampden Park 

Our starter - some vegetable risotto (there wasn't a menu to show what we're eating so I guessed...). It was still scrumptious though. 

Chicken with a pastry lattice and potatos and some veges. Very nice as well though could do a little more of vegetables... 

Chocolate mouse and berries. Again, very delicious but very rich chocolate. 

You can barely see it but there's the ceilidh band at the back somewhere... and that was a spokesperson for Prince and Princes of Wales Hospice for donations. The Ball was held to support charity for the Hospice, if you are confused by now... 

And my pride of my night - my meal for 2 voucher ahhaha 

It's too small and sideways as well but basically it's for a 3 course meal and a bottle of wine for 2 persons at the Tempus Restaurant at the Grand Central Hotel. Wheeeeeeee!! I can't wait

And I spent my Sunday recuperating mostly. I was going to do some cleaning up and building a unit but definitely too lazy and queasy for that. 

See you next week! Ta

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 02/06/13

It's Sunday again!

It's been a kind of busy week but mainly with work. I have had pretty erratic sleeping times for the past week cause I am so tired when I got home but then I need to do some work and job applications. I am just too lazy. I have also not gone to the gym for the past week because I have been too lazy and tired and plus just thinking about the amount of things I need to do leaves me undesired to exercise. I am defo going to be fat for holiday....-_-

Anyways, I bought clothes from Boohoo.com and tada!!

 Tassel vest

Pink embroided denim shorts 

PVC quilted tassel shorts 

Long striped leggings 

Green one shoulder jumpsuit 

Well, I don't know how to turn this round....but it's a mint green open shoulders skater dress

Can't really go out and do much this weekend either. The weather had been great but tiler is here to do work so...oh well. Did manage to get Ryan to watch movie yesterday. Watched Hangover Part 3. It was funny. Is it as funny as the previous ones? I don't know. Maybe not a much but just as cringing though. Which is really the focus of the show though hahah. I still like it. Not going to summarise the movie. Go read IMDB for sypnosis of something lol. I cannot be bothered.....