Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ian Zing!!!

Happy 21st birthday, Ian Zing :)

I hope you liked the surprise we gave you. And the presents too, of course.

I don't know you that long. I've known you for 2 years but I think I've only gotten closer to you some time later than that.

You are are very very special person.
There are a lot of things I do not agree with you
but I do have to say that sometimes,
looking at you,
I really admire you a lot.

You are confident and responsible.
Someone who holds on to what she believes in.
And someone who is not afraid to admit her mistakes.
Someone who is God fearing.
At the same time, I think you are cute and funny. :)

I'm really happy I got to know you better. Hehe...

Happy birthday! You really do deserve a great life.


I feel so emo today.

Some things will never the same. Never the same.

How do some people hide so well that we don't see through.

Or am I just to dumb and blind to see it?

Really, the most innocent and naive people are the ones that lies the best.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Fong!!!


Happy birthday!! Happy 21st birthday to be exact. :)
I know it reminds you that you are old dy...but nvm. It also means you have grown up....haahaha

Haih...I don't know what to say really.
Hmm...may you have a better life after this.
Hopefully you are not so depressed.
Not be too frustrated with a lot of things.
But, still if you do, I am here. :)

I am awaiting you arrival in a months time.
AND of course, the presents you're bringing back too...hehhe

You deserve a lot of good things. And you are a really good friend.
You have helped me a lot even though you do not realise.
Thank you so much for being my friend and onlining when I needed someone to talk to.

Happy birthday once again. ;p

P/S: I'm sori, wanted to put in your favourite colour ut since it's white...i think better not.


Selfish -
devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.

We despise selfish people.
Because they always think of themselves only.
It seems that they don't care about other people's needs at all.

But, do we really have a say?
I mean, we isn't selfish?
Are we capable of caring for other people all the time?
Don't we always tend to think for ourselves first before thinking for others?
Then, doesn't this make us selfish too?
Doesn't this make everyone selfish?

Then, do we still have the right to hate someone cause we think that person is selfish?
It just doesn't feel right.

But sometimes, you still can't stop despising them.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


KKB to say...

partly a waste of time.

partly a fun experience.

This is the most relaxing KKB rotation I've experienced before.
I didn't prepare at all for this rotation. Basically, I know nothing.
But amazingly, this is one rotation that doesn't require much knowledge at all.
Everyday, we end very early. Don't even have to really attend the afternoon session.
And Dr. Sasikala is so nice. It's just that unfortunately that today, which the last day, we have to get Dr. Sevu that just came back from errr his vacation..

The first day, we went to the waterfall near the hospital. Haha. I didn't go in the water cause I was lazy to climb the rocks...Looks really dangerous. But, at least I can say I've been there.

Every night, we end up at the guys' houses to play cards or just hang out. I learned a few new card games. I learned how to play bridge. It's quite fun actually. Not bad...

On the fourth day, it was Thaipusam Day. So, it was a holiday and they all decided to go to Genting and so I followed. Some went back home cause they drove and some decided to just stay in KKB. But Genting was fun. I didn't play at all. We were separated into 2. A group went to play outdoors and then some of us stayed indoors. Actually I wanted to play some indoor games but then a lot of them don't want. So, we just went shopping and walking around. We went to the arcade and played the games for points. But everything there is so expensive. Haih... We got like 306 points also cannot get too much. Each got a 30 points bookmark and I took the pen worth 120 points and also a 5 points postcard. And we also played the games that we can win toys and such. But none of us were that lucky. We just got more points. Only Vijaya won a small teddy bear. Haha... We got more bookmarks and postcards.. I also ended up buying a shawl and a hairpin. :) I also get to ride my first Genting Skyway cable car. YOohoo!!!!

This KKB experience is different. I liked it.

Friday, January 18, 2008


This is what I've been doing for the whole weekend. Slacking off. Trying to finish off the stuffs that I've put of for years..

First off, I added some fluorescent stars and stuffs to my room wall. Pretty :)

Then I made something to put on my door...

The content....

I made something from some leftover wires I have to hang my necklaces and hairbands... ( now i feel it's a waste of time...)

This is how it looks like together with my earrings..

I made potpourri. From roses I bought from Cameron and some from other people :)

Tried to beautify a old-looking belt by adding some buttons and maniks and stuffs..

The front part....

All the way.....

to the end...

The end part. Nice??

Well, that's how I spent my week aside from sweeping and mopping and watchin dvd and stick my face to my laptop. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


  1. share*enjoy life*happy together laugh*enjoy life*happy together hug*enjoy life*happy together
  2. friends come and go in our lives, but few find places so deep in out hearts that we know they'll always be with us
  3. the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seem or even touched. They must be felt with the heart -Helen Keller-
  4. Got a friend, Heart of gold, Always kind, Never cold, Listens well, Laughs out loud.
  5. A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best thing you can be... A friend is a living treasure, and if you ahve one, you have one of the most valuable gifts in life.
  6. good books, like good friends are few and chosen, the more select, the more enjoyable
  7. you are always by my side, sharing my joys and sorrows, making my days complete, filling my heart with love
  8. I wish you... a rainbow whose colors are bright with hope, a flower whose fragrance is made of joy, a dream whose promise always shines in your heart
  9. My feet dance more lightly because of you, my heart beats more strongly because of you, my eyes see more clearly because of you, my mouth smiles more easily because of you, and I will love you because you are you
  10. Friendship is flower whose seed, if nurtured by love and care will bloom forever
  11. Your friendship has meant understanding, joy, sharing-everything good. Because of you, I've laughed a little harder, cried a little less, smile a lot for no reason. Because of you, my world is a happier place. Because of you, I felt the warm embrace of a good and lasting friendship.
  12. A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.
  13. Knowing you gives me a feeling of comfort that someone always cares, someone who will share my thought-no matter how crazy it seems to be!
  14. Friendship grows with love and laughter and lives in your heart forever after.
  15. Friendships are what our dreams are made of. We hold onto each other with its binding love. We stand close to each other, hand in hand, showing each other we understand. Some friends may come and go, but you are the truest friend I know.
  16. A true and lasting friendship us a flower for all seasons. It makes its start deep in the heart for mny lovely reasons. With time it grows so beautiful that few gifts can compare. With a true and lasting friendship-the kind we'll always share.
  17. Some people pass through this world and leave it just as they found it. But people like you take time to do special things that make the world more beautiful.
  18. All things bright and beautiful, all things good and true, all things fine and wonderful-all these are wished for you.
  19. Having a friend means...someone always loves you, always respects you, admires you...wants the best for you in every situation of your life. Lifts you up . Supports you. Always!!!
  20. A friend is someone whose warm loving ways can lighten our hearts and brighten our days.
  21. A friend is someone who has been by your side through many of the most important milestones in your life, celebrating with you during happy times, offering support when times get rough.
  22. I love you for all we've shared and for all we have yet to experience... I love you for all you've shown me and for all we've discovered side by side...I love you for all you are and for all we are together.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Literature is not easy. It's really not.

But then again, it's funner than the other ones. heheh.

Other selectives need to study their ass off.

We get to act. (although I am no good at it.)

We get to film.

We get to search for songs.

We get to read story books.

All this is homework.

I should be grateful. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year!!!!
It's finally 2008.'s so fast. Everything that had happened yesterday just became last year...*sighs*
I miss 2007. I miss a lot of things that had happened.
So many things had happened...
So many birthdays
So many new friends
So many crying
So many laughing
So many heartbreaks
So many loving
So many.
Hoping 2008 will be all that too and perhaps even more. You think so?