Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crosshouse House

I would like to present my new house in Crosshouse. I'm gonna give you a virtual tour!! (not really but close...)

Front. It's a semidetached/terrace double storey house

View from the outside of my house

Front door

Stepping inside the house

Downstairs toilet

Further down the hallway - on the right is my housemate's room and in the door straight in front leads to the kitchen

Into the kitchen - where the sink is and the cutleries are stored

The fridge, stove, oven and microwave

The back door!! Whee

View from the back door

The stairs going up 

The store room?

Another door as I turn rights

Opening the door to a hallway - door on the left into my room and the door next to it leads to the boiler. The other door goes to the bathroom/toilet

The toilet/bathroom (clockwise view)

The boiler room

My room (clockwise view) - study table and chairs

Living room space with chairs, a foldable dining table

A cupboard, chair

Door leading to bedroom

A cabinet place


Bedside table

Cupboard and dressing table

Another set of drawers (mirror own)

View from my bedroom window