Sunday, July 26, 2009


We're humans.
People do stupid things right?
I mean people make mistakes.
What's important is that we realise that we were wrong.
That we committed a mistake.
Doesn't that give us a second chance?

There are a lot of things I'm not proud of.
There are a lot of things I know it's wrong.
I know I am a hypocrite, just like how a lot of people are.
I know I should have realised that, before it's too late to regret.

It might just be an excuse.
For the hurt I've caused.
In return it hurt me back.
Karma doesn't back down, does it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm back in Sibu to do my electives. So, with the lack of proper internet connection, do expect less updates:)

See ya.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Safari Park

I'm back from Birmingham.

So, yeah, some time ago, I went to the Safari Park. It's pretty nice.

My friend drove and we parked and there was this fun-fair like place.

There were even bumper cars!! They called it dodgems though...

I was hungry, so we went to the cafeteria and ate something and then went to the nearby souvenior shop but I didn't find anything I wanted to get...

So, we went and walk around and look at the animals. We saw zebras.



As you can see, it was raining. It was not throughout the whole trip though. On and off. Still horrible enough though. Sigh.

And if it was quite blurry, cause most of the times, I had to zoom in A LOT to see the animals clearly...

We drove in to the Wild Animals Reserve. These animals are not exactly in cages...and they are somewhat in direct contact with the cars driving through the pathways. But, I think the only most dangerous animal in the reserve are probably the lions...


So deer I suppose. Not sure.


More deers?



And more.

Tiger. I only saw one tiger and it was in a cage...I wonder why..

Different type of camels.




A herd of deers, I think, under a tree...

After strolling around we went to park the car and went for a boat ride.

The scenery looks nice. With all the nature and all you know...

We were heading to this island looking place where there are chimpanzees. Only 3 that we saw anyways...

This is the oldest monkey there. It was mentioned how old it was but I forgot...

Then, we went back in time for the bird of preys exhibition...or something of such name.. It was pretty interesting.

They show how the preying birds fly and attack the erm food... there's a falcon.

And a vulture.

The vulture is hilarious.. It was being disobedient that time and was really wasn't listening to the instructors at all...

And we went to take a look at the birds. Some eagles..

The vulture that was demonstrating before.

Some eagle. It doesn't want to turn over....

Another eagle...

A falcon. I loved this falcon. So pweeettyyy...

Another one.

Me and the falcons.

I totally forgot what this species is...

And this as well...

I know this. An owl. White owl.

An eagle owl.
Some other bird...

Wild animals ion transit!! Save me!!

All these childish pictures opportunities.

We found the zebra observatory place and took a closer picture of them...

And the giraffe observatory place but the giraffe was just about to go in...hmph.

We were walking leisurely to another destination as we saw several drakes trying to rape this poor duck....

We went for the sealions show. It was so cute...

The sealion is it's cage.

OOOooo one of the cutest things ever!! Meerkats.


And well...

OOo these are probably the smallest monkeys around, the pygmy mamoset.

Then we went to the petting farm..but the animals are all closed in already..


Guinea fowl. Looks like a turkey.



After that we also went to get a drink. At Moskito. Thankfully no mosquitoes inside...i know...lame..