Wednesday, June 24, 2009

West End Festival

There was a West End Festival near the place I'm staying. And my friends and I attended the carnival on the first day and there was an opening parade as well. It was held in a park and they closed the roads purposely for the event as the parade was going through it. There were sooo many interesting things. These are some of the things that I saw.

There are guys holding a huge bunch of balloons selling them. Pretty nice ones too..

This is a view of the carnival from a distance away..

Near the entrance of the park, there's a playground.

Then we saw this EasyJet van, asking people to join in some lucky draw. Haha. EasyJet is like Air Asia but over here.,..

Bouncy castles.

Lots and lots of stalls selling cotton candies!!

There's the miniature version of rock climbing.

More vans selling cotton candy and ice cream!!

Some bouncing thing...

There are live bands and people singing on stage.

Food stalls!! Lots of em.

I bought crepe. Chocolate and nuts. Yummy.

We went to a shaded, grassy area of the park and sat down to eat.

Then, being the greedy me, I went an get another burger...

There's a part of the carnival that looks like a fun fair with all its game stalls and etc.

Look. Toilets. Port-a-potty. It's not actually the name..but something of such.

We saw people dressed up before the parade. Some flower girls.

Bananas and carrots.

Pwetty girls with balloons.
Another band somewhere else.

Another group of people preparing for the parade.

Cup of tea?

My henna tattoo when it's just done.

Glimpse of the parade over numerous heads...

And more...

And some weird creature...

And bulidings?..hmm...

And pink elephants!

I took videos of the parade but was too much to put up. So well...

I also bought a candle. Clean cotton. Eh, it didn't smell as nice as I expected.. a bit like detergent..

Friday, June 19, 2009

Loch Lomond

Went to Loch Lomond with a friend the other day. There were nice sceneries but really nothing much to see. Well, at least from what I see.


Some flower.

You can take a boat cruise.

And it would also be better if you go in the daytime.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Atholl Arms

I went to Atholl Arms to eat once. It's a nice place.

This is what I had. Cheese omelette.

And my friend had cheese and ham toastie.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sinful Pleasures

I bought myself new shoes too. It's on discount for £15 and it was 20% off everything that day, so it's £12!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I PASSED!! Yoohoo!!

No need to worry bout resits at least...phew *sweeps droplets of sweat*

Liying's and Kim Chuan's

After exams on Friday, we went to Loon Fong for a get together session. And while at it, why not celebrate Liying's and Kim Chuan's birthday as well. Didn't get to celebrate their birthday cause busy studying for exams before that... We wanted to celebrate Zoe's as well but Kathleen is going off the next day, so she couldn't come.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Isle of Arran

On one sunny Tuesday, my friend decided to bring me to Isle of Arran. He drives. So, it makes the whole thing easier. Pictures below are from the drive to the ferry, on the ferry, on the isle and on the way back. :)

On the way

Reached the ferry.

On the ferry.

We reached the isle.

On the way back now.

Sorry, I didn't put a lot of descriptions and stuffs. And no story. Basically nothing much to say. And not much pictures of the isle cause we didn't really go far and was just walking around aimlessly.