Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 21/07/13 and Greece Part 3

It's Sunday again! I have been so lazy these past few days. Have a few long days and is just making up excuses to procrastinate. Haha. 

Allan, Ryan's uncle had been around for the past few weeks. His grandaughter, Morgan came on Monday for the week. So have been going out with them a bit as well lol. Done a lil bit of shopping as well....oops. Will post some product pictures whenever I get them in the computer that is... lalala.

Day 5

So, decided to go the beach on the fifth day. It was really really windy that day, the lifeguard put a red flag up to show that it's basically dangerous to go into the sea. Although people obviously don't listen lol.... people still waddle in and swim and all sorts. I feel bad for the lifeguard....

Outfit of the day

At the beach

Guy who sells huge ass donuts

Me with huge ass donut. That's a strawberry filled one

Our lunch drinks - rainbow cocktail and strawberry milkshake

Mr Dino's baguette

My spaghetti carbonara

Big waves on the beach

Outfit of the night

Our dinner - from the buffet table of course

That - is actually just Greek yogurt with berries and nuts. Super yummy for something so simple though....

One of the show stations

Random greek chocolate we bought from the beach shop

Day 6

We were running out of things to do hahah. Beach or pool.... that is the question.

Outfit of the day

Lunch - Hawaiian pizza. So niccceee

After our usual buffet dinner, we went for a walk on the beach in the evening. It's so pretty around that time....
I know it's big but I wanna show this really pretty picture of the waves hitting the rocks... my pride. :D

Me looking sombre

Mr Dino

Footprints on the sand

Someone made this turtle with sand and I am so impressed!!

Another of a snake

Look! Snake!! HELP!!!!

Me and Mr Dino's shadow

Us <3 font="">


Me attempting pool. Lost twice :(

Day 7 

Last day. I was really reluctant to go back just because I know I was coming back to work lol. But Mr Dino was really glad to come back to windy cold Scottish weather and I a little as well hahah. It was so hot in Greece... I got a little tanned. 

Lunch - those are two different milkshakes but they look similar in the pictures. One of the right is a vanilla milkshake and the left is a pistachio milkshake. Both scrumptious anywaysss

Our Greek pizza which is delicious but took forever to come because the messed up out order

We had to check out at 12 pm. So spent the whole day sitting about doing shit. Walking about shops, sitting around the hotel, at the beach, etc. I spent my time trying to finish a book that I couldn't finish in the end anyways...

Then dinner. We eat a lot. 

Amstel beer for Mr Dino

Pork chop

Then, a coach comes to pick us up to bus stop. While we were waiting outside, there was a taxi driver who was trying to trick us and say that it's taxis that was booked to take us to the airport which we later found out was a lie. Such a cheat.... 

We got back safe and sound anyway and slept our way through hahaha.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 14/07/13 and Greece Part 2

I have been pretty occupied with unpacking (still all lying about), sorting out work stuffs i.e visa etc, and slumming about. The weather in Scotland has been fantastic. It's warm and best of all, dry. It's not gonna last very long though.... I am tired everyday. For what reason, I don't know. I am so fed up with work I cannot be bothered....

I went to Liverpool the other day. No, it wasn't a random idea to go to Liverpool. Explore the Scouserism. I was there to sort my visa out. I had to choose the premium service and paid £953 for it. Bloody expensive shit. It's approved! I'm just waiting for it to come by. Mr Dino took me to there. We went for a short walk around Liverpool after. I bought more things.... Will put this up in a different post lol. 

Also went to watch Monster's University! It was great!! Super duper love it. One of the best animation movies I have watched. Love love love it!!


So, Part 2.

Day 3

We booked one of the Thomson's excursions to Knossos Palace and then Heraklion City. I think it was 40 something Euros for it. There is a tour guide with us and transportation through and fro, so kinda worth it. We were taken by a bus to the palace.

Sneaking a view in the bus

That's us already there at the palace. Waiting behing in a queue for tickets.

Inside the palace area after buying tickets. It's 6 Euros per person. 

The souvenior shop

View of the palace from afar

More ruins

And some more...

Then one of me hahaha

There will loads of pictures as such, so just enjoy..... heheh. They are renovated ruins as pointed out by Mr Dino, cause I thought they were genuinely the ruins from like gazillion years ago.

Lol. Popular resting area

The Queen's room. Apparently the Cretans are big fans of dolphins. True story

Do you know this is where the Minotaur is supposed to be? The labyrinth nowhere to be seen buy obviously a myth....

The frst paved road in Europe, I was told.

And this is apparently a theatre in those times....

Thomson bus

A lil souvenior from the Knossos palace

We also get to stop by the famous Greek author burial place.

Situated uphill, we get a really nice scenery

Nikos Kazantzakis

The grave and a picture of our tour guide. Which is the lady in the black top and visor.

Great view of Zeus sleeping. Haha. Can you spot the face lying down??


Some square in Heraklion near where our bus is parked haha.

Busy street

By then it was lunchtime and I was hungry. So food!!

Pork chop

Moussaka - it like a lasagne... it has aubergines, mince and potatoes in it. I actually quite enjoyed it.

Off shopping in the market area. I bought a bracelet which I don't have a picture of.. sorrayy.

It was scorching. Time for ice cream :) My pistachio gelato.

Gelato stall

Mr Dino's. Cannot remember what flavour....oops.

Statue of a famous man in Greece, Venizelos, former prime minister of Greece in the first world war

Outfit for dinner

Wedges for the da night

We were dining at the Taverna. 

Our five course menu :o

Fruit punch

Greek draught beer lol

First course - mediterranean soup

attempt at artsy picture

Tagliatele with sour cream sauce

Some fancy salad which I reallly realllyy love

My veal which is really tough and I didn't finish it because it's taken me so long to try to cut and then eat it!!

Mr Dino's salmon. Should have gotten that....

Entertainers on the stage. It was Motown and Soul night. 

Me trying to cut the bloody tough veal

Chocolate pie for dessert. Heaven. 

We left around 11 pm or so. Was tired and just wanted to sleeppp. Though really enjoyed the food. Maybe except the veal.

Day 4

It's another sunny and hot day in Crete.

I think I mentioned a show station in my previous post. It's blurry but just to show you. This is a omelette and crepe station.

I don't actually remember what I did that day.... stay in the room? read a book in the library section? hang out by the pool?

And for lunch. Seriously all we do it eat. Haha. Long island ice tea

Gave us some bread with garlic butter and olives

Seafood risotto

Saganaki - basically fried cheese

New sandals :D:D:D

Outfit of the night. Also new from Greece lol

Nice scenic picture of meeeeee. Sorry I'm taking the same beach bag cause I don't have any other bags with me...

This is us booked another excursion with Thomson's for a Greek night. It's at this traditional Cretan village place. The above is the queue into the small village. 

Before entering, at the arch area, is a photographer with a male and a female in traditional Cretan costume and also a donkey lol. And we all get to take a picture with them. They of course sell it by the end of the night. There is 2 pictures of us. So, we paid 10 Euros. Lol

Exhibition inside

Then to the buffet area haahaha

There were quite a selection of food, mainly meat. There's pork, chicken, lamb and beef. And loads of salad-y stuffs. And pasta and rice. 

Staging area - some musicians with their instruments already on stage

Entertainment starts - with some traditional Cretan dance

One of the dancers performing a stunt

Post dinner fruits

In between performances, they invite the audience aka us to dance on the stage. It's the same dance over and over and over again lol. I did go up the first time and that's it/ It gets really crowded after a while hahaha

Another performance with a different costume. This time in some tutu-like skirt and leotards...-_-

A singer performing that night. She was among the audience that time to recruit poeple to up on stage again lol

Dessert - sweet dough balls with sesame seeds

Belly dancing performance

It was a good night. We were transported by bus to the place and back home. It was pretty late when we got back. I did enjoy it very much though. Until the next post hahaha.