Thursday, January 27, 2011


Goodness, I can foresee more panic attacks coming. I have been feeling too relaxed for weeks now. Today, it finally sank in how little time before exams and how LITTLE I have done so far! (or how LITTLE knowledge are retained in my puny brain)

And I do not know what I am feeling or thinking or doing. ARRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH

Okay, so just calm down, do something and fingers crossed everything will be fine... Tell me it will be (ToT)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More sales!

I'm not even gonna bother to write much.

 Brown formal trousers with pockets. A bit too long but okay...

Lace bustier dress from online. Love. I bought a size smaller than I usually would but it fitted perfectly! 

Frilly spaghetti strap dress. It's dark blue btw. 

A front-zip sleeveless dress but like swiggly patterns. Looks very rock n roll hahaha. 

Random picture. Liying bought my favourite US cookies from US:) Yum. Finished in a day.

Another random picture. I bought this notebook for my friend's birthday. Wish I can keep it for myself though lol! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Sale

Some things I bought during the winter sale!

New bras from La Senza. I needed some more suited to my size.... and they are the cheapest available.

Because it was on sale, I bought it on a whim from this online shop ASOS.

Also bought a maxi dress. :)

And a pair of peg trousers from ASOS for formal wear. I only have a pair of trousers that fits properly....-_-

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I was digging out my diary and pictures trying to figure out what I have been up to the whole last year.

1. One of my greatest achievement is probably reaching my goal of weighing less then 55 kg and I am currently 53 kg and in addition, my waist size have decreased to 29 inc., thus dropping one dress size as well.

2. I watched my first 3D film - Alice in Wonderland. It wasn't great though.

3. I learned to swim, although still only at the shallow part! I even bought arm bands for learning!

4. Bought my first bike and learned to cycle!

5. Celebrated my first Valentine's ever with a guy - Ryan :)

6. Went to my first rave party - Steve Angello at the Arches with friends and it was amazing!!

7. Attended my first ceilidh at Sloan's and it was really fun!

8. Got a 4th piercing on my left ear and would be the last one I'd get.

9. Carved my first pumpkin :)

10. Met Ryan's dad and gran for the first time.

11. Celebrated my 1st relationship anniversary. :)

12. Saw Disney on Ice - 100 years of magic at Braehead. It was fun but ordinary. Makes me reminiscent of my younger days though. :)

12. Experienced the worst snow in years in Scotland. Snowed in for about a week! And freezing cold!

13. Went travelling/ visiting for the first time to a number of places. A few notable ones are Dublin with Liying, Amsterdam and Stirling with Ryan and Paris and Bath with Fong.

14. In Dublin, poured my first pint of Guiness.

15. In Amsterdam, stayed in a tiny room in a boat.

16. Went to a proper beach for the first time and wore a bikini:)

17. Cycled in Amsterdam and fell several times and bleed and cried and got totally soaked.

18. Went to the Red Light District.

19.Also, tried space cake and an hour later, ran into a shop shouting to call for an ambulance because Ryan couldn't handle it. Totally freaked out.

20. Visited the Louvre. Too big.

21. Went into a thermal bath spa in Bath. Mmmmm

22. Went for my first outdoor festival at Creamfields with Zakhir. Then got my tent, sleeping bag and other things stolen. It was an experience.

That was my year!