Monday, July 28, 2008


I have decided to put on a new template. Felt like it's time for a little change. The previous one is a bit on the lighter side, more pastel colours. So, this time I thought it would be nice to have a darker shade of blog skin. Haha.

Tried a few before I decided and here it is.

Ta da!

P/S: The pictures are most probably temporary. Will find something else sometime later. BUT, I do LUVVV Mokona!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Life So Far

I do not have MSN right now, so I don't like to online. Furthermore I have a lot of things on my I'm sorry I won't be online as much as I wanted.

If I am online, I will be using and I really, really think it's my slow Internet that is causing my messages to arrive at the other side of the conversation really really late...sigh.

Anyway, lately I don't even feel like blogging as much, but I'll try.

And, if you're wondering what I've been up to lately. I've been pigging. And I meant it. Finished 2 storybooks in 2 days. Sleeping till noon daily. Eating a lot. A lot. And reading manga online - namely, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. And not forgetting the occasional television time. But mostly, in bed snugged finishing my book. I have so many to finish this hols!!

Write me a comment or something. Don't miss me. :)

#Random: I miss my hamsters... (I gave them away to the pet shop.., yes all 5!!) Goodbye...*sob*

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My parents were here. My dad just went back a moment ago...
We went to Times Square and bought some things to prepare for urm...cold weather. Haha.
My mother will be staying here for the week to help me buy some things I guess... and I'll be going back next Sunday.

Haha...I think I'm just lazy..or probably my brain just ain't working to well, I can't seem to think of what to write...Oh, I just remembered..

*I passed!!*
Yeah!! So happy!! Most of my friends also passed. We shall not disclose what my exact marks were. Let's just be content that I passed kkk :) After taking the results, we went to 1U and eat Japanese buffet at Shogun. was OK. It was not tooo good but I guess not that bad... However, I do feel that it's not very worth the money or maybe I think I didn't eat worth the money. But the ice cream!!! I love peppermint chocolate!!! Ahh~~
Oopss I also forgot to tell that I changed my hairstyle yet again...haha. I shall try to put up a pic, but I don't have a proper camera right now. I can only depend on my webcam... :p
Hmm..anything else? I will try to put up some pics of my purchases. I bought quite a number of things :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Post exam!!!

Finally done with exams!!! Yes, I know I'm a bit slow in updating.. as my exams finished like last Thursday. But, I've been busy with my own stuffs.

After exam itself on Thurs, I went straight to Midvalley and then came back for the class party in uni. Haha. Lots of picture taking and even Dr. Thani and Dr. Htin and Dr. Hla came to give speeches!!! After that, went to mamak to eat some more... Haha.

The next day, went to Times Square and watched two movies I missed during study break... Made of Honour and Kung Fu Panda. Arghhhghghhgghgh Po is sooooo cute!!!! Wuahhahahaa. And, yes I bought some more stuffs...despite having already bought shoes yesterday in that few hours in Midavalley... I missed Xandra's party cause nobody can fetch me and probably cause I'm still in Times Square anyway haha...

The next day, which is Saturday we planned to go Port Dickson. We didn't get to book a hotel first hand so we had to spend some time looking for one there. Good thing Chester and Eugene drove... Hahah...Then at night we went to barbeque. Bought all the stuffs in Port Dickson in a supermarket called Then we went back and played mahjung!!!

The next day, we just stayed around at the hotel and played until it was time to check out. And then, we went to Seremban. Stopped by Seremban 2 Jusco. It's actually veryyy nice. We watched a movie there. Get Smart. is sooo super funny. Stupid but funny!!! Good for relaxing.'s a really fun movie despite the fact that I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the movie but that was just because I was soo tired k... After the movie, we went back to KL. On the way back, we stopped by to buy Seremban Siew Pao. It is sooo good...*drools*

Now, I'm back in KL. Yesterday went to check VIVA results...I didn't get it. Phew.. I just hope that means I will not fail...

Ok. Will update when I have some explosive news to share.. :)