Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shopping Hauls

These are some shopping I've accumulated over the month or so I think....

Bought this cream coloured parka jacket from Fat Face while in London. It was on sale and veeerrryyy warm as well. The only thing I realised after I've bought it is that it's lacking a hood. I still super love it!! 

Canvas looking grey shoes from Gap with rubber soles which are super comfy

Side view 

Found this mustard yellow mid heel wedges from TK Maxx. Love the strapps 

Side view 

Another buy from TK Maxx - a pair of creamish-pink flats that have like this super comfy soles 

Top view 

Grey T shirt from New Look in Aberdeen. It was £5 a piece! 

A more flowy peplum stone coloured top from New Look again 

Semi translucent flowy blue stripey top with a keyhole at the back from New Look as well

A duck-billed cap from New Look. Super love the style and look of it 

Some new underwear 

Ballerina socks 

A paisley patterned dipped hem sleeveless collared top from H&M 

Plain white long sleeved collared shirt from H&M 

Light pink cardigan from H&M 

Hooded white knitted long sleeved jumper from Forever 21! Yes, I forgot to mention they have Forever 21 in Glasgow now lol 

A navy jumper from Gap. Very nice and soft and comfy. It was on a sale 

A polka dot short sleeved top from Forever 21 

A striped white and red knitted jumper from Forever 21 

Sleeveless studded faux leather jacket from Forever 21 

Pop up laundry basket from Primark for Mr Dino 

Laundry basket when popped-up lol 

Pink and black stripey shorts from Primark 

Navy sleeveless vest from Primark 

Light blue shirt with a pocket on the top left hand side from Primark 

A rolled sleeve Minnie Mouse purple shirt from Primark 

Hair turbans (to dry hair) from Primark - side view 

Front view 

Coral coloured sleeveless translucent pussy bow top from Primark 

Aztec print midi dress from Primark 

Denim shorts dungeree from Primark 

Back view 

Sleevess rock styled vest with studs arranged in the shape of an eagle from Primark 

Light brown cardigan with elbow patches from Primark

I do have a pair of light brown suede heels that I got from Deichmann while in Aberdeen which I missed taking a pic of, so I will post it next time. That's all for now!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 28/04/13

I was off on Monday after night shifts. I was a busy night shift the night before/morning. And plus I was so griled at the Ortho Trauma Meeting on Monday as well, cause we had patients transferred from a different hospital and I never clerked them in. It was my mistake but it made me feel wholly shit.

Went to gym and then over to Ryan's. Went to watch movie later - we decided to watch Evil Dead.

Which was about this group of 5 people who was in this dilapidated cabin. One of them was going cold turkey on drugs. While they were there, the found that some burning and possibly witchcraft thing seemed to have been going on in the basement (cause they was some stench and they found blood stains at under the carpet). One of the guys found a book wrapped in plastic and secured with thorny wires but decided to stupidly open it anyway. It was like some Satanic book with decoded words and phrases which he decides to read out even though there was a page that says do not read the words....-_-''. So basically, he released some evil force which decided to take over the girl who was going off drugs and she was starting to act really weird, like in exorcism or something. Eventually, she started trying to kill the others and they locked her under the basement. But, the evil force spread to the rest and one by one, starting to become crazy. The guy who initially let the evil force out realised this and found that the only way to stop stop this is that the original possessed person needed to be purified either by being burnt, buried alive or dismemberment. So, in the end the brother of the possessed girl couldn't burn her in a fire and decided to bury her alive instead and then try to revive her with some makeshift defibrillator, which he actually succeeded. But before that, he was bitten by his other possessed friend and made his sister run and burn himself with the other guy and died. So, as the purified girl was about to run, it rained blood. Apparently, if the evil force got his way into 5 souls, it will rain blood and this one dead will arise from the ground and kill humans. Somehow, though a lot of ordeals and a cut of limb, this girl killed this evil dead with a chainsaw and went away. Thus, the end of the story.

To be honest, it was gory more than scary and was a bunch of malarkey.

Back to work on Tuesday. Found out that I missed a diagnosis of prostate cancer in a guy whom I didn't think to stick my finger in the backside to examine him as well. Felt even shitter. Then went for Body Jam that evening.

Work on Wednesday. Off on Thursday.

Was supposed to go to Aberdeen on Friday with Mr Dino but his classed were cancelled. :( Some students dropped out of his classes and there wasn't enough students in a class to keep it going. What a shame. So, was doing nothing much over the weekend.

Have to start looking for work and I was gotten involved in an audit as well. Which I need to finish some tomorrow. Argghhhh. And I want to start a small audit of my own as well. Which I need to think about what to do. Was feeling particularly down and moany on Friday. It had been a busy on call day and I felt like I wasn't doing good enough in terms of time management and I also decided to send a diabetic person with abscess home and return for drainage on Monday. But the consultant advised me against that as diabetic people are more prone to worsening abscesses.

Sometimes, I just feel like I'm not doing anything right at all. It's been one of those weeks where it's up and down and all over the place. Maybe next week would be slightly better.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

London and Bath Break 2013

A few months ago, went to London and Bath with Mr Dino to do some touristy stuffs. Mr Dino had never been to Bath before so, it's doing pretty much everything again and Mr Dino also didn't get to do some touristy stuffs in London, so it's a good chance for him to do that.

Left in the morning to London via train and arrived at noon. Checked into our hotel somewhere near King's Cross Station. We stayed in this little place called Hotel Meridiana.

The reception area 

This really old puzzle of the London underground - super love it.

The way to the breafast room 

Communal toilet/shower - which is placed in quite an odd place. See next picture. 

I don't know if you can tell, but it's right off a step in the middle of the turning of stairs... I mean if someone comes out the toilet and forget that they're stepping right out into a bunch of stairs, it's so easy to slip and roll down the stairs I guess.

That's our rooommm

The small desk with coffee/tea facilities and tiny wall mounted TV 

The cabinet next to the toilet/shower with sliding door 

Sink and the shower on the right which I didn't take pics of 

The bed. 

The view out our window lol.  

Us prepared to go out for our bus tour 

Going down stairs.

Roads outside out hotel 

Haha graffiti on Barclay's building

Then went on a bus tour ride. I've booked for the bus ride through the Internet before we went to London and we just need to validate it at the main company. Plus, it was cheaper online :p

That's a big M&M superstore! It's at Leicester Square. I didn't have time to go in... was actually quite looking forward to browse inside. It's so pretty and colourful and inviting from the outside heheh.

So, I bought the tickets from The Original Tour. And this is us boarding the bus at one of the stop points. 

I have to say first of all it was freaking cold in London and strong winds as well. It was freaking cold all throughout UK anyways. It's by far the coldest spring I have been in. I mean it's was in end on MARCH. I have also been and done the touristy thing in London three times now -_-, so I didn't take many pictures this time round.  

The Original Tour main company at Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery 

The lions at Nelson's column 

Erm.... I think this might be the back of Buckingham palace. If you look closely, you can probably see the guards. Apparently, as told by the tour guide, the guards are only present when the Queen is in residence. True story, 

Went past the Ritz. Fancy 

That's the iconic Hard Rock Cafe, for those who goes nuts about their collectibles  

A somehow skewed view of London Eye. I so so so want to go on it but Mr Dino doesn't like heights :(  

St Paul's Cathedral 

And Tower Bridge

All these from a bus point of view lol. After the tour, we were probably frozen into human-shaped popsicles, especially as we sat on the open top deck cause you can see better and the shaded part of the top deck was all occupied. We did change seats when people started getting off the bus as the tour goes on but still COLD. 

Got dinner at teng teng teng........ BURGER KING. Haha. Fancy much. I do love Burger King in the UK though. And went home, shower and got on the underground to Mr Dino's uncle's place for a visit. And went home later at night.

Andddddd..........before we retreated to the hotel for a nice snooze. Since we were so close to King's Cross, we went in search for the famous Harry Potter platform to Hogwarts. The Platform 9 and 3/4. Hahaha.

Found it. Had to be in a queue as well lol. I'm going to Hogwarts to learn magic and potions. See ya!!

Just kidding. Didn't go to Hogwarts. Had full breakfast at the hotel the next day. No pics sowwy cause stupid befuddled me forgot to take camera or phone down. It was a pretty okay breakfast I have to say. I did enjoy my stay overall at the hotel. It's very old and in need of some renovation but for the price I paid for a night in London, it's okay actually. It was reasonably clean, I thought so not much to complain about. The staffs weren't the friendliest but hey ho, it was only a day and night. I wasn't bothered.

Later, took the train to Bath. Was really looking forward to that. But it was still really cold in Bath and I think that affected the holiday a bit.....:( Stayed at this B&B called Dorset Villa.

Stairs up to our room 

Our room 

The bed 

The cupboard and cabinet with half a TV lol and coffee and tea facilities 

A full body mirror suitable for camwhoring 

After checking in, we went for a walk around Bath town. I didn't take a lot of pictures either cause I've been before and it was way too cold to take my camera out most of the time... First thing first, lunch! I was so looking forward to having Sally Lunn's buns in Bath. Still as yummilicious. 


Mr Dino with a plate at the back saying Sally Lunn's House - the oldest house in Bath lol. 

My cinnamon butter and clotted cream bun 

Mr Dino's jam and clotted cream bun

We went to The Royal Bath museum place for a visit. We initially went there first to buy tickets and wanted to go eat something. Didn't realise that we need to have the a piece of paper signed and said we will be back and this is the original tickets sort of thing. Apparently to show that we didn't sell the tickets to someone else.... Also walked about the place, looking at shops and the Bath Abbey etc etc.  

I saw Krispy Kreme while walking earlier in the day and was craving for donuts. We had nowhere else to go and so popped in for a drink and donuts :D

And silly me forgot to take pictures of the donuts! How could I? I usually whoop out my camera whenever there's food present. I blame it on tiredness from a long day of walking.

It's all gone!!

And then it's time for ehem dinner. Lol. I feel like all I did in Bath was eat... I wanted to go eat fish and chips and went back to the bar called Belushi Bar where I used to stay during my last visit. Well, I didn't stay at the bar last time, it's the St. Christopher's Inn upstairs that I stayed in. 

Accompanied with a cup of hot choc - all frothy and creamy  

Fish and chips. Yumms

I wanted to go to the Thermal Bath but Mr Dino wasn't particularly interested during a weather this cold so oh well, we left it. I've been in before anyway so wasn't too bothered I guess. After dinner, went back to the B&B to shower and rest and some heat!!

Tell you, it's another place with old furniture and in desperate need of renovation or redecoration, in my opinion. The radiator cover needs some wiping as well. I didn't think it was too dirty but a few stains here and there which is not very pleasant to see... Otherwise, the owner seemed really nice. And the breakfast was very good. Was very happy with it lol.

There was a continental breakfast option plus a full English breakfast as well!!

Table offering various selections of cereal and a menu of english breakfast on the wall 

Over the other side, a selection of yogurts and coffee and orange juice

Our table 

The English breakfast and pot of tea as well

After that, we needed to take the train back to London as I bought return tickets between London and Bath.  And went back to Glasgow from London. There was a few hours between arriving in London and the departure. So, we had some lunch. 

We actually had Burger King for lunch but I saw this American-based diner and really wanted to try it as well. So, when it was less crowded I dragged Mr Dino back there to get some snacks lol.

It's this place called Ed's Diner 

I don't know if you can see the American-style bar diner 

ooooohhh how I've missed A&W. We each had an A&W rootbeer float 

 And sweet potato fries

It was interesting and nice. On second thought, I should have gotten the onion rings instead. It was just too much sweetness with the sweet potato fries and the rootbeer. I would defo go back to try the milkshakes! They look amaziiinnngggg

I had a pretty good time and a nice break in general. I only wished it was warmer. Now I look forward to a summer holiday! Bet you I'd be complaining of the weather being too hot instead lol...