Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunny Weekend

There was this one weekend, after weeks of horrible weather and rain, there were finally sun! So, we all got so excited and went to the park to enjoy the sun...This is at a park near my place, Kelvingrove Park.

Below are basically pictures over a span of three days - Fri, Sat and Sun. Couldn't be bother to put captions...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drive and Glasgow Green

Ryan bought a new car, well sold his old car and bought a new one. And when he first got the car, we went for a ride in it. And then stopped by this park in the city - Glasgow Green - for a walk.

Below are basically lots of selected pictures of the park.

People playing either hockey or football in the background.

A greenhouse - Winter Gardens

It's like some shopping complex or smth..

Have no idea what this is...

The Doulton Fountain - the largest terracotta fountain in the world

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, these are kind of random pictures of food I've eaten...

This below is just a picture of a teapot and some cups from us having a tea session at Tchai Ovna, a tea specialist shop (I guess). They have pretty interesting teas. I remember we had the Fairy Blood and Camomile Tea.

This is a menu from Bella Italia where I went with Ryan once.

I had the Penne Marco Polo which is duck in sweet aromatic plum sauce and spring onions and sliced mushrooms. It's nice but gets sick of the taste after a while.

Ryan had the Penne Zaffereno which is smoked salmon, kind prawns and cherry tomatoes in a spinach, smth and cream sauce. Very nice.

This is dessert which I can't really remember what it is. Some chocolatey thing with cream on top. Yumm

This is when we went to Ashoka.

I had this lamb Korma thing.

My friend had another type of Korma in chicken breast.


Some salmon starters.

Garlic naan.

Pilau rice.

This is when we went to this place called Banana Leaf which does South Indian food.

We shared a masala dosa with chutney and all that!

I had some chicken curry.

Lamb curry.

Masala tea.

This is from when we went to this Chinese restaurant called Chow's.

Some dry chicken dish. Reallly yummy.

Some wet chicken dish.

Some beef dish.

This is from when we went to Ketchup.

Strawberry milkshake..

Err.. did not remember what it's called. Special of the day. Has some chicken and bacon and mashed lettuce? Really yummy though..

My fish burger..

And a side of chips. Ketchup does one of the best chips around.

This is when we went to Little Italy. Some coffee shot with lots of condensed milk. Think its called smth Bon Bon.

Pizza tomatoes, cheese, parma ham, mushrooms and pineapples, and prawns.

Well, that's it.