Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Big Blue

This is a place we went to with these Groupon voucher things. Next time I get another groupon voucher thingy I'll write about it more in detail okie?


Wore this lacy bustier dress for the dinner. I realised was a bit too dressed up later on but oh well...
The menu

A view from where we sat, of the interior of the Big Blue


Tried to zoom in to like another room up a few stairs where there was a bar

Ryan looking sleepyyy =_=zzz


Starters for me - fried calamari yummilicious!

Prawn cocktail for Ryan

Mussels for Ryan ( I had a taste and the sauce was really good)

Some kind of fried chicken and fries. Yummy though plain. Should have ordered something else...

Chocolate fudge cakeee ooooohhhh it's looks so delicious (Ryan's though cause I was abstaining from chocolate for lent and I can't even have a bit of tasteeeee)

Orange and smth cheesecake for me. Also super duper melts in the mouth and heavenlyyy

At the end of all, a cup of white coffee each for both of us


The restaurant was like underground through what seems like a multitude of stairs (just winding and winding)
Us coming down the stairs after dinner

It was a really good night. The best part of it is the whole thing costs £19 pounds for 2!! And let me tell you, the main dishes itself costs about £11 pounds each!! Is it not worth it?? I was chuvveddd

P/S: Sorry if I make you drool again...