Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

My 2010 had been a wonderful year! Or so I'd like to think :) Hope your year had been wonderful too. 

Happy 2011

And don't forget to make your resolutions! (and keep them as well :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I spent New Year's at Ryan's. I went over on Christmas Eve night. The day before Christmas Eve I was just trying out a new hairstyle so when my hair was half wet, I braided it. 

This is how it turned out. Pretty curly but it gets less curly throughout the day. And if I had braided even amount of hair I think it would have turned out better...

Anyways, so the next morning I wake up and his mum cooked us breakfast.

The laid out table.

The Christmas tree with loads of pressies!

A full Scottish breakfast.

After breakfast, we started opening a few presents first. WHeeeeee

Then we have to get ready for church. Ryan came along with me. :) That is us all dressed up for church.

The roads around the University Avenue was sooo slippery its ridiculous! And the alley up to the chapel was a slope and going up was hard but coming down was even worse!!! Just kept slipping and all and I had to walk really really slow. Probably took half an hour to reach the car.... Anyways, after that, we went back to Ryan's house and open presents!!!!!

This was us in the process of opening presents.

More picture taking.

"Look at what you got!"
"Wow wow look at mine!"

This is after opening up all the presents and more camwhoring wuahahhaa.

These are presents from Ryan to me in a bulk :) I will go in more detail later.

These are from Ryan's mum to me :) Lots lots

These are from Ryan's gran and grandad. Oh so sweet :)

These are some collection of Ryan's presents.

Cards from Ryan's mum :)

A plain bag on which I can draw things on myself :)

A cross stitch set 

A new teddy bear. I named her Ribena.

Knee high socks :)


Perfume - Angel from Thierry Mugler

Filofax! Absolute love

A Gok Wan book

A Bourjois 3-D effect lip gloss. I feel bad for saying this but I asked him for a Bourjois Rose Eksclusif lip gloss, remember the one we tried in London! But he got the wrong one. But who cares I still like it!!

Socks in a cute little bauble

A long cardigan

A small diary

A mini spa set

I'm saving this for a good time :)

Some Thai bath salts. Mmmm


A leather purse! Love double

A small calender with psalms in it. So sweett

A snood/neck warmer

A pair of jammie pants. Arhhhhhh

A make up set. Awwww

More choccies!

A new bag and it's big!! Perfect! Just what I wanted!

A bracelet from Ryan. It looks like bundles of bells. I love :)

A body wash set - body lotion, body wash and a perfume from Ryan's uncle's family. I didn't expect that!

Another book from Gok Wan - his autobiography

A pair of red shoes Ryan's mum bought for me before this :)

Those are my presents. And these are my presents to the others :)

I gave Ryan and his mum a personalised calender :) 

The example of inside

I also got him a hat. 

And a soft dress robe :)

Ryan also got a mini pool table from his mum hahaha. It was fun 

He also got a pocket camcorder

Its a remote controlled satellite thing

That's him trying out the camcorder

Ryan's new watch! I think it's cooll

This is Rena's presents. Me and Ryan got her a hamster hottie

Ryan got her a purse set

Ryan got her chocs and a M&S gift card

A hat which Ryan and I shared and 2 pairs of slipper socks from me :)

Above is a notebook from Ryan and the chocolates are from me :)

Before dinner, Ryan's uncle and family came over for a visit.

A picture of us. From left to right - Erica, Andrew, Ryan, me and Gerry.

One in the middle is Ryan's mum - Rena

Then they left and we had dinner. I didn't take pictures of the dinner but they were yummeehh!! Then we just sat and talking

He also got that as a present - it's a remote controlled moving and talking monkey. It's cuteee

Ryan's gran and grandad

And thus ends Christmas night. The rest of the night is TV and junk food. Not too interesting.

Anyways, I also received presents before the day.

Chocs from my housemate Ariane.:)

A sparkly reindeerrr from Zoe

This is not a present. I bought a pair for myself when I bought socks for Ryan's mum. It's 3 for 2! Haha. Love love

Hope your Christmas had been good too :)!!!!!