Sunday, November 30, 2008


There's so many things to update and I'm really lazy. Must be the holiday mood...

I haven't done my PBL -_- " Anyway, I'm trying to do them now. Tomorrow have to go to a hospice for lecture? I also don't know what we're doing there. Then Tuesday got GP. Oh no. I like my GP and all but I'm scared of the fact that I have to take history and see patients. No confidence...:( And I suck at it. Terribly terribly bad.... and it would be damn degrading to my already degraded self esteem. But on the bright side :) :) after that I'd be more relaxed. Cause there's nothing too important on and then HOLS!!!! Yay!! Yayy!!!!!

Hmm...I think probably I'll summarise what I've been up to these few days. Well, on Friday, went to GUMS Welcoming Party at O'Couture. No...not some dentist gathering... it stands for Glasgow University Malaysian Society. :) Great company and good laughs. Food not so great but it's food anyway. Can't argue with that. Had some alcohol which I didn't even buy myself....-_- Clubbing area doesn't seem very happening. I didn't dance. No. Just observing. And left relatively early. And go back sleep. Was surprisingly tired... By the way, O'Couture is a bar/club/restaurant, if anyone wondering... Saw a cute guy too!! Haha. And he's really nice and friendly and all. :)

Saturday, Liying said want to go city and I wanted to go get some things. Yup, need to do some Christmas shopping dy and came back buying a lot of things. For me, considerably ok....I guess. But, for Liying.....she bought like really really a lot. Sigh. Yes, I stopped by the Christmas Market again and we tried the mulled wine and the German sausage is yumm orgasmic... Will take pics and stuffs of the things I bought as usual...hmm let me try to remember... First thing went to the market first and bought banana chocolate and some stuffs. Then, bought the dream catchers keychain for friends in Malaysia. Also, bought a bracelet for myself. Then, stopped by Clarks too. Liying bought shoes and I was contemplating on getting a dinner purse...will go back one day. Bought Christmas cards for 1 pound. Was quite a good deal. And some stickers... I wanted to buy some carnations but figured it'd be hard to bring back with all the other luggage... Will get them next time.. Also, went to Marks and Spencer. Bought a scarf for gift and a fruit cake for Christmas. :) Hmm..what else? We went to quite a number of places but I didn't buy. Just Liying... And finally we went to Au Naturale. Bought three small purses...something such, for 4 pounds. It was a discounted price, that. I needed them to put some of my facial products cause the previous one, the zip burst... Arrived home and then play some drinking game. Liying bought them...will tell the reason some other time. It was fun. Though we didn't play with alcohol, just lemonade. Haha. Was too happy to lose...

Sunday, went to church and then went to Woolsworth. And came out carrying loads of stuffs -_- I bought a Christmas tree for 1.50 pounds. I already assembled it. Doesn't look too good though... but I was hoping with some deco it would look at least decent. I bought some bauble silver balls, a star and some tinsels And I bought glasses for cheap. Will tell later why... And I bought cards again cause I realised there weren't enough.. I bought a wok...and a mixing bowl... and the most ridiculous one of all...I bought a styling tong.... you know, the ones to curl the hair...for 5 pounds. I have no idea what I was doing.... and I bought chocolates!! Like lots and lots of them. I should be broke now..

Yup, that's about it.. Haven't actually written anything for a long time. Just been putting pics and all. Haha. A change for today...
I think I'm writting rubbish.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just Married

This is a car parked somewhere on Kelvinhaugh St. outside a church and we saw it while on the way to the city.

Someone's getting married!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Market and Winterfest Glasgow 2008

Yesterday, I went to the Christmas Market with Liying, Jiun, Marc and Antonio. It was very very pretty. :)

On the way there, we walked into Prince's Square. The decos are soo nice. I love Christmas decorations in shopping malls!! They are always the best!!
Can't resist. Must take pictures!

Antonio, Marc, Liying and me.

Jiun, Marc, Liying and Antonio.

Liying needed to stop by Borders to get her books, so we were hanging outside.

Marc and Antonio posing. Jiun was holding the camera though.

Then we walked down the the market. The first stall is full of sweets, marshmellows and loves.<3

And there's this stall selling chocolates! And they have those chocolate covered things eg. bananas, grapes, apples, nuts, etc etc So yummy!!! I'm definitely going back for this!! Pretty pretty chocolates :)

There were stalls selling hats. Weird looking ones but just so adorable with all the colours!

Tried one for Liying to take pics. Didn't buy it..and this guy selling was looking.....paisehnya.

There was this firetruck stall selling coffee and all.

And there were a number of stalls selling german sausages. Ummm...slrp

Jiun, Me, Marc and Tonio.

Liying and lights.

Me and lights.

Then we went to George's Square. There's a festival there like a fun fair!! I was soo excited. Need to go back there man. Need to.

Christmas tree.

And reindeers.

Marc, Tonio and Jiun.

Liying, me, Marc, and Jiun.

It was turned into a ice-skating rink in the middle.
So cool, if only I could skate...

And merry-go-round. Like a fairy tale <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5271976903599757970" border="0">
There was some jazz concert going on.

There's this thing like the flying chair in Genting called Waveswinger.

And this tall tower to see the whole thing from atop and then slide down with a mat. I was contemplating whether to take it or not. Scared I got stuck halfway sliding down...due to excessive weight that not even gravity can help it. -_-

On the way back, there was this area with beauutiful lights..

It's a pretty season. :) Coming Christmas.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Like Part 2

I was reading through my previous posts and found something and decided to do a newer version of it. :)

I like it when people invites me over to their house.
I like it when people cooks for me.
I like it when people tells me they enjoy having me over at their place.
I like it when people strokes my hair.
I like it when people trusts me.
I like it when people helps me carry my groceries.
I like it when people gossips with me.
I like it when people joins in cooperation with me in teasing someone.
I like it when people invites me for drinks.
I like it when people winks at me.
I like it when people squeezes my arm.
I like it when people hugs me.
I like it when people shares my views about something I don't like.
I like it when people walks me home.
I like it when people lets me help.
I like it when people sits by me in lecture.
I like it when people talks to me when I'm seemingly alone.
I like it when people laughs with me.
I like it when people tells me they misses me.
I like it when people messages me on Facebook.
I like it when people shakes my hand and asks for my name.
I like it when people smiles back when I smile at them.
I like it when people tells me my bakings taste nice.
I like it when people invites me to go shopping with them.
I like it when people offers me chocolates.
I like it when people helps me look for directions.
I like it when people asks me how was my day.
I like it when people offers to give a ride.
I like it when people when people buys me prezzies.
I like it when people messages me asking for help.
I like it when people lets me complain although they are really busy.
I like it when people wants to be friends with me again.

These are a few things that people in my life have done to make me happy :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Han Ying and some others came to Glasgow from Edinburgh on Fri and we went shopping on Sat. I ended up buying a few things for meself..

One of the places we went to is Sports Direct. Cheap and nice :)

I bought knee length socks.

And leg warmers.

We also went to Primark which sells like the cheapest fashion ever here. Not of best quality butttt cheap!!

I bought a hat?? I have no idea what's it called...

Me trying it on.
A long sleeved hoodie top.
A mini skirt. I just love it. Although I don't think I look so nice in it...

A hoodie. SO nice and comfyyy...inside got mao mao one..

A pair of skinny jeans. I love the colour...
Trying it on with knee length boots.


Monday, November 17, 2008


"It's amazing that no matter how badly a person treats you or how someone had betrayed you,
and you know you will never forgive that person,
you can still find somewhere in your heart to love that person
and know that you will be lonely without them."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Naomi's Birthday 2008

Last Tuesday was Naomi's birthday. :) We decided to show up with a surprise for her on Monday/Tuesday midnight at her house. Thanks to Art for helping. I wonder who's idea it was in the first place...Yew Wen? Don't remember...

We arrived at her house, charged into her room. Look, she's so touched...awwwwww

I wishhhhh....

Giving speech..Thank you thank you.

Need to dress her up as a Scottish.

Cutting cake. See the box there. It's a heater! BIrthday present. :)

Later at night, we took her to Chukoku to eat. It's a buffet style thing...
The food is quite nice. Not bad.....Yummy.

Got another present for her.

Body shop body butter. Can eat one ah?

Happy birthday Naomi!! We sayang you lots lots.

Monday, November 10, 2008