Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 23/09/13

It felt like a really long week. Didn't have any pictures this week unfortunately. 

Work as usual on Monday and Tuesday.

Attended IMPACT course on Wednesday and Thursday. Glad to say that I passed it. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. It was just really nice not having to be in at work as well... it felt like a little time off. Although I wasn't really off....
Anyways, there one thing about the course that I have to absolutely rave about. I mean the course is great and had been fantastic revision for me. The instructors were good and very nice. And in the end, I got a certificate which can boost my CV. However, what I felt probably made the money paid worth it is the lunch provided by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 

I have NEVER attended a course where they serve HOT FOOD!
It was amazing!! (Shame I never took pictures.....)
First day lunch was chicken curry with rice and chapati and salad AND chocolate mousse pudding. And of course the abundance of coffee or tea and accompanying biscuits.
Second day lunch was steak pie and mash and roast vegetables. Plus, the option of salad. Pudding of chocolate cake or ?cheese cake (I wasn't sure, I took the chocolate one.....obviously). 
And they were actually decent! And tasty! Needless to say, I was impressed. 

Friday was an Ayrshire bank holiday for Sept weekend. Was gonna do some audit work but got lazy after gym (long overdue). Weather was too nice and decided to do laundry instead.....(just being sad). And did some preparation work.....

Mr Dino needed to finish some work as well over the weekend, so no funsies outing this weekend. I pretty much rested and watched TV and more preparation work. Laze laze laze

Since I didn't go in on Friday, gonna go in tomorrow and do some work and try and get back a little earlier. It's still a bank holiday and I didn't want to spend it all in the hospital...while I can. 

Oh, I also attended my first online learning session on Tuesday. It was.... awkward. I need to get a headphone with a mic on it as well. I was getting stressed out after that session. The coursework I have to do.... I have NO idea how I should start. ARGGHHHHHHH. Panic mode. 

Anyways, gonna try sleep and go in early-ish tomorrow. Then, do bit shopping and maybe movie? Hmmmmm 

I need a schedule. That I need to force myself to follow. And oh, no social life too. Die-ded

Sunday, September 15, 2013

26th Birthday

Guess what?? It's my birthday! I am 26. 26. I don't feel any different lol. I guess the next time I feel old would be when I'm 30.

I was working on Saturday from 9-5 pm. So, we went out for dinner on Friday. Remember, during the SGH Summer Ball, I won a lucky draw for dinner for 2 at Tempus Restaurant at the Grand Central Hotel. So, I thought we'd put that to good use lol.

 My outfit of the night - pink dress with my brand new blue heels. I can barely walk in it and I was scared I'd snap the think straps in front off lol.

In the car on the way there. I look so haggard.... and my hair wouldn't stay nice in a bun, so I just decided to let it down.  

Le menu 

Obligatory pictures at the table 

The voucher came with a complimentary bottle of wine. It was supposed to only be the house white or red but the waitress was so nice. She asked if they can have Rose in the selection as well and of course I chose the Rose. It is super duper delicious. It's so sweet, I love it.  

Part of the restaurant. It has a nice dark ambience to it, suitable for dates and such I guess. 

It looks like me frowning at it but my brain was actually going - mmmm this is NICE! 

More wine. I draink at least half the bottle. Was upset I didn't finish it. Such a waste. And Mr Dino was driving, so he couldn't drink. 

Mr Dino's starter - watercress soup. It was very tasty! 

I decided to be a little adventurous - chicken liver parfait. It's really strong for me to it by itself, it's really nice with the roll and the mango chutney and vinegar and the watercress, They complement each other so well

Pan seared salmon with mashed roast potatoes. So yummmy can or not 

Mr Dino roast pork belly - I tried some and it's gorgeous. The meat is so tender arrggghhhhh

Both of use ordered the same dessert - raspberry tart. It's nice but maybe a bit too chocolatey. 

On Sat, after work, was supposed to go for drinks and head off to someone's flat party and then the Shed or something. So, by the end, it was just two of us and we just decided to head straight to the party lol. We were pretty early as well. And we just kept drinking.... and drinking lol. It was great!! I found out all these gossips and stories that I NEVER knew and you know how much I love my gossips. OOOOhhh I love it!! It was great fun. I left round 1 am when they decided we should probably head out soon but I wanted to go home to Mr Dino. :) 

Then it's my birthday!! I'm gonna take a rest today. Mr Dino bought me a cake (with a lot of non-subtle hinting from me lol). 

Sad I'm getting older.....

Now, it's time for presents!!

A duffle coat!! Mr Dino got me a duffle coat awwwwww. We were in Topshop once and I saw the duffle coat and I just always wanted one!! 

And of course, it was hooded!!

Liying sent me a present - a slow cooker!! Wheeeee, Always wanted one. 

 White and just the right size!!

And then Mr Dino's mum brought over more pressies. Thornton's chocolates. 

Bunch of cards.  

Potpourri bowl and potpourri. 

And a box from New Look. 

It's a watch! 

Closer look at it. It was rose gold in colour. I don't usually like gold accessories but this is quite a nice colour.  

What ya think? Does my arm look nice in it?

And here are some other things I got online :p

High waisted denim skirt dungeree

PU skirt with laser cut outs 

It's difficult to see against the bed sheet, grey cotton pinafore with pockets. I love this! 

And, light blue lacey skirt with front buttons and pockets and belt. So suitable for work...

That's me for now. Tata. Happy birthday to me :D

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Filling Station

I am post nights at the moment. After doing 3 days of nights over the weekend, I get 3 days off to recuperate. Went out to Ikea and then Braehead for some shopping yesterday. Got a few things from Ikea and Braehead as well. Don't really pictures for them but I got hungry halfway through browsing in Braehead, so we stopped somewhere to eat.

Filling Station - quite a few franchise everywhere. I always see them around but never really went into one. The food wasn't bad and of course, much better with a reasonable price. This is 6.95 for a one course lunch and 8.95 for a 2 course.

Both Mr Dino and I got a cheeseburger. It was scrumcious and fries were nice!! Complemented well with a glass of cold Coke hahahaa...

I really wanted dessert. After cleaning the plate of burgers, we asked for dessert. They don't have a dessert menu but they recite to you a list of desserts available. Mr Dino got profiteroles which looks nice.

I got a rack of ice creams. Mmmmmmm - they have different flavour choices. Vanilla pods, Banana and pecan, Chocolate honeycomb, and Mint chocolate (from left to right in picture)

I need to go do some work now. (Lets see how that works out hahah)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 01/09/13

Oh my gosh, cannot believe it's already September. My birthday will be coming soon. I have started teaching students now and it was okay.... I hope I am not teaching them the wrong stuffs. It will get better!! This has become my motto recently....

I am too lazy to update what I've been up to this two weeks and plus I cannot remember much details of what's been happening. *hits self* Nope, I thought it would help. But it didn't...

So, I am going to upload and caption pictures I have taken so I can give you an idea of what I have been up to. Lalala.

This is actually a cake I baked a few months back. I was supposed to have icing on it but I'd overdone the heating and ended up with caramel.... it's an orange marmalade cake.

I bought this a few months back as well, a bird cage for the living room. Lol... not for keeping birds. I wanted to put candles in it

A toast rack. I still hadn't used it yet.... And the duvet cover is white so it's difficult to see the thing I am trying to show, apologies...

My new pair of Converse sneakers. Well, when it was still new. It was a few months ago as well. I super love it. It was on sale and I got it under the juniors, so it's kinda special lol.. I used to have a pair and it was super comfortable and I loved it so much. But the rubber soles at the sides was breaking apart, so I had to ditch it.

Was kinda into the statement necklaces lately, I saw one at Oasis for half the price. So, I snatched it up. Loved it.

Was in New Look one day and so some shoes on sale. Pair of dark velvety blue flats. It's actually a size bigger but it has adjustable straps so it prevents it from falling off. And it's on sale as you can tell from the red tag I haven't removed in the pic. You probably can't tell the price - it was 3 pounds!!

Pair of flat grey ankle boots for 5 pounds.

Also, from the same shop, a pair of purple heels with ankle straps. 5 pounds. What a bargain.... they're good for work.

This skirt I got a full price though. I love the floral and the ribbons in front. It's so flowy and cute, I just want it!!

I bought another pair of heels from Just Fab. A pair of electric blue heels with ankle strap. It's got a strip of snake skin pattern in the front. I love it. It's pretty high with tinier heels, so not for long distance walking but it's gorgeous. I needed it!!

Was at See Woo and saw they started selling mooncakes!!So I bought one for 10.50 pounds... it's ex but I miss my mooncakes. It came with a nice lil bag as well hahaha.

Four lotus paste mooncakes - by now I already had 3... 

Comes provided with a plastic fork and small skewers lol 


Greedy Stephanie wants to eat the whole thing in one gulp! 

But, she decides to be lady like and cut it into small pieces instead lol. You can see the smooth lotus paste in it

I was at the Fort again yesterday and went into H&M. I always wanted a fake leather jacket in black. I have one in brown with a furry collar and a black sleeveless one with collared studs. So, I thought a long sleeved black collarless one would be quite cool. Warm enough for autumn....

I looked pretty cool in it lol.....

Right, off to try and do some work. Chiaoooo