Monday, January 21, 2013

The Last Time I Was Back...

I went back to Malaysia last April for the main purposes of attending a friend's wedding.

I arrived in KL and went to meet my friends for a family dinner they were having. I haven't seen them for ages then!

At that point, I was pulled in to become one of her many 'ji mui'.

 At Nic's house after tea ceremony

At Hui Yan's house before the tea ceremony

My parents are at Kl with me at that time. In the evening, they will be having their reception at a hotel (which name escapes me) further away from the city, so we booked a room to stay there overnight and then we will be going back to Sibu the day after. It's the most gorgeous room I've ever been in. 

Then at night, we went for their wedding reception. 

 Then, off to Sibu the next day and met up with you guys over the period of time.

And I conclude with a few random pictures of food in KL which I forgot to add in.....

and 2 face masks from Fong - they smell so sweet by the way.