Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas


Let's start with what I wore on Christmas Day. A red and black dress with sparkly tights ( can't see it's sparkly here) and a furry fake leather jacket.

A picture where you can see the top part.... oh and some long necklace.

Closer picture of my dress. Ta da

Fancy nails..... DIY

Here's a few pictures of Ryan and me.

And here's a few more pictures of MOI!

Greedy pig.... I even look extremely fat in this picture... 

Granny and grandad....

Then we had dinner....

And I took pictures of presents I have opened lol....

Look what Ryan got me!! A complete set of Harry Potter books!! Wheeee

Although I did have to send the books back and get a replacement cause of some error..... see if you can find it in the picture below...

There are 2 books of the same title. They missed out the 2nd book!! And instead they have 2 of the 1st volume....

That pretty much concludes the end of Christmas Day. The rest of it was filled with eating junk and watching more TV.

I shall finish with a picture of a coffee machine that we bought Ryan's mum for Christmas.

A Tassimo machine. Makes yummy cappucino <3 p="p">

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Merry Christmas! And I'm not working. All is good.... for now. Will post more after Christmas pictures :) Here's some pictures of Mr.Dino's christmas tree and fireplace :)