Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birmingham and Cadbury World

I know I've been MIA for like months now. First of all, I was in Sibu and then even when I got back to Glasgow like 6 weeks ago, I'm still lazy and partly too busy to update. A lot had happened since the last time I wrote. I will try to update as much as I can. This is to continue where I've stopped...

I went to Birmingham before I went back to Sibu. I know this is like ages ago!! But, I haven't told you about it....

Zoe went there to do her elective, so I just followed her and there's a place to stay as well. I mean why not?

She has a friend there who picked us up from the train station and to the host's house. And we met the house's cleaner who showed Zoe the places in the house and things she needs to know. The house is big!! And so many freaking rooms...and it's sooo British like. I'll show you later..

So, after exploring and stuffs, we went out for lunch. Hungry.... We went to this bar-diner place called Country Girl.

The menu.
I felt like getting a draught.
Me and Zoe's dish. Fish and chips..

Some roasted salmon thingy...

Roasted chicken..

My desert. Sundae...yumm.
Strawberries and ice cream.
Zoe's. Apple crumble tart.

Then, we went back home and rested.

Cats. White, shy one.
Black, friendlier one.
The back garden. Unbelievable!

My room. The guest room. SO lovely lace.

It has it's own bathroom and toilet.

Downstairs from the upper stairs.


Dining room.

Hallway near kitchen and dining room to the garden behind.

I think it's a sitting room...

The conservatory! They have a conservatory!!

Stairs going up one floor.

Living room.

Upstairs bathroom.

Computer room.

The hallway on the 2nd floor.

Between 2 parts on the 2nd floor..

The host's room..?..

Stairs to the 3rd floor..

Downstairs toilet.

Garden from the dining room.

Upstairs toilet.

Zoe's room.

Self-contained room...explains all the microwave and stove etc etc..

Her room toilet.

The next day, her friend came to take us around the city. We took a bus so Zoe could familiarise her ways in the city too.

The city.

Birmingham Children's Hospital.

In one of the malls..

Chinatown. They called it Chinese Quarters.


And we continued walking.

We bought Krispy Kreme for dinner...-_-

The next day, we decided to go to Cadbury World!!! Yoohoo!!

The canal next to a train stop. Birmingham is known as Little Venice for it's many canals..

We walked sooo long and finally found Cadbury World!!

We paid for tickets and stuffs and went for our tour.

First off, is the Aztec Jungle and how cocoa came about. It keeps reminding me of Willy Wonka..

Then, there's something about European exports and things.. They are shown kinda like holographic images..don't know how it's done though..

And more.

And something else..
And how chocolate is processed. This is interesting cause it's an interactive kinda thing. As some guy in the video explains, suddenly the chairs will start to move or something else will start to move in the room when appropriate..


Cadabra ride!!

Some kind of demonstration. We get to write our names..


We went to Essense.

We get free chocolate concoction. Basically it's melted chocolate on whatever things you choose, eg jelly babies, biscuits, etc etc..

Toilet also looks fancy..

There's this museum as well where we went.

We went to Mount Fuji and eat when we arrived at the city from Cadbury World.

Tuna sushi. Pretty good..

Some curry..for Zoe.

A pork bento set for me.

Just some interesting sight..

These are the chocolates that I got for free and also bought from Cadbury World!!