Sunday, September 28, 2008

Since I came to Glasgow

These are not in order. I am just too lazy to arrange them.. Haha. So, basically there are like random pictures that I took since I came to Glasgow.

My parents came with me to Glasgow and we stayed at this comfy little inn called Smith's Hotel. It's actually a bed and breakfast...

Our room number.

This is Jamie Stuart. He is a really amusing fella. He is the father in-law of my uncle's wife's brother, Dr, Martin Goh. Yes, I know...long story. We went to visit him one day while Dr. Martin brought us out to do some shopping..

This is a beauuuuutiful park at Kelvinway. Erm, it's a road on the way to uni. I think it's called Kelvingrove Park.

Me, with flowers behind.

The road to the hotel, Sauchiehall St.

I took this just to show the chimney. You rarely see them in Malsysia, though I don't think they actually use this here either..

Some bird crossing the road... Pigeons here are really slow.

A big longkang along the road to uni.

The uni from afar.

Statues along the road. They probably just thought his wasn't enough or something..

Another view of the uni from afar.

Kelvingrove Art & smth musuem. It's supposed to be some tourist attraction place but I've never been there yet...

One of the buildings on University Avenue. University of Glasgow and it's vast number of departments are located along this road..and even beyond. That is how big the area is..

The bifurcartion of Kelvinway.

On the way back to hotel: Kelvinway.

There road is surrounded by trees, trees and moreee trees.

More statues.

Taking pics with the uni gate... You probably couldn't see but in the gate are sections of names and stuffs...

The Church of Wellington.

University Avenue.

Within the school compound.

One of the doors to the uni...

On the way from Byres Road.

Part of Wolfson Building.
A uni building.

Close up of a uni building.

University Avenue signboard.

Me and my mum with the Wolfson Building as the background.

Me within main uni compound.

Busy day at the city centre.

Some random building. Just wanted to show some achitectural view of the place...

Yes, you saw it right. McDonalds!!


Yum!! Sorry...I don't remember what it was..

Bacon and ham?

This is me and mummy at Dubai International Airport.

On some road in the City Centre.

Much more modern buildings.

Motorway. Yoohoo!


Oh well, that concludes this post for now. Will put up some more. Chow!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Hey, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been really, really lazy. Haha.

To those who are in Seremban Clinical School, all the best!! Work hard. :)

To those of you who have left overseas too, I wish you the best!! :)

We will see each other again someday, somewhere. Just remember we were once together on a journey called Getting Through IMU, Bukit Jalil in One Piece authored by M106.

Yups. Oh, sorry I haven't uploaded photos. As I said....lazy la.