Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 8/12/13

Where do I begin? I have been busier for the past weeks + laziness + procrastinate.....= no blog updates ahhaha

I can't remember what significant events had transpired. A lot I'm sure. But if you ask me to recall it just now....uhhhh. Oops. Don't remember.....

I have pictures! As a lot of my posts are. I shall try to write as I can remember while I start posting heheh.

Lets start with some random news.

I passed my ATLS! So happy. I am doubly happy cause I failed my written exam first time and then have to resit it last Friday and PASSED! So I have a lot more reason to be happy hahaha. I just feel so proud of myself lol.

Mr Dino ran the 5K in the Santa Dash today. Took him to the run this morning. Was pretty funny looking at all the people in George Square dressed up and all that hahah. I didn't run, of course. I went to Queen Street Station and had a coffee.... :p

I have also submitted my literature review and crossing my fingers. It was such a depressing week and I have not worked so hard since my uni days....-_-

Right piccies...

Went to Silverburn after nightshift one day (which is something I do quite a few times dy) to do some Christmas shopping. Everytime I'm in Silverburn, I always stand in front of this cupcake stall and drool hahaha. They look so freaking delicious.... I just need to have them. Usually, I feel guilty about spending money and put weight on but that day, I just wanted to have some. A lil treat for myself.....:D

The Bumblebee Cakehouse 

Look at the colourful different cupcakes!! 

I got half a dozen but there are so many different types as well...  


My first one - Ferrero Rocher 

Continuing with the theme, more food!! This is from a dinner session from the ATLS course I attended. Price of the course that I paid is included in the I was defo going!! It was at Mulberry Bistro in Shawlands.

 Haggis, neeps and tatties

Fish and chips. Yumms for both and was soooo full by the end of it.

Right, I can't remember if I mentioned it, I can't even be bothered to check lol. I find it easier to just talk about it again lol...

So, we got a puppy. Well, technically, Mr Dino's mum paid for the puppy and we are sharing custody? He is soooo cute and his name is Bruce. I mean......


Awww Mr. Innocent Face (More pics coming up but arrangement misarranged and I cannot be bothered to change it).... 

I don't even know if you can see it, a line of birds on the railing lol. Lame I know. I found it interesting okayyyy?? 

1 pound burger after spending 10 pounds in a new Lidl branch ahhahaha. Quite nice for the price you know...

Tadddaaa. Brucie cute Brucie 

Despite his lil cute face, he is actually a nightmare I tell you. Very cheeky but very smart though

I think that's the pictures so far.

I am tired. I have been trying to do a bit of cardio from a Youtube video lately haha. It's good work out definitely. I don't know how effective it's going to be but it's good anyway. Should try and reduce my food intake as well really..... urgghhh

Oh, this is all because I'm going back to Malaysia after Christmas. Going for about 10 days, to Sibu and also KL lol. Can't wait! I've got things I need to buy to go back!! And on top of that, Christmas presents to get as well....geez.

I have things to write up as well. :((( I'm feeling more and more depressed as I write this in horror of realisation. But my brain is too tired. I just wanna sleep maaaannnnnn

Oh, I'm also going to see Zoe next week!! And Liying too!! So excited. Haven't seen them guys for quite a while now. SO it's going to be good!!!!

Busy weekends ahead. Absolutely..... well okay. Tata for now. I'm gonna go contemplate on what I should be doing but not actually gonna be doing.....

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 03/11/13

Hey hey! It's been quite a while since I wrote here. I have been (again) partly busy and partly lazy....
So, I cannot really remember what I have been up to past few weeks per say....

I don't even have any new pictures that I could show you guys.

Well, in jist, I've been stressing out quite a bit with abundant of work that I am supposed to be doing... and I just hate having to spend all my time doing all these work. I know it's important for my CV and it's not like I dislike it really. It's just stressful to have so many to do at one time. It's not just physically exhausting, it's also mentally tiring just thinking about it! And plus, I am soooo lazy. This just makes it much more difficult....

Anyways, no point thinking or stressing too much about it. Just need to do my best and try to finish them the best and fastest I could... Pray for me? Pretty please.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 13/10/13

Hey hey, it's a Tuesday, I know. But I am going to write about my week from prior to the above date. Anyways, I am on annual leave at the moment. It had been a busy 2 weeks for me. I did finish my long days on Thursday and pretty much been faffing about the past weekend. Didn't get too much done and stressing myself into a stupor....

To be honest, there wasn't anything particularly socially interesting that happened last week as I was working most of the time. Work, had been pretty interesting for me though. I had to see a few sick-ish people and I think I am learning more on how to deal with them now!! So, a bit of a milestone for me.

The only thing that I am blogging about is Mr Dino's birthday and what we did for it lol. His birthday was on Monday but we kinda celebrated it earlier than that. I treated him to dinner the Friday prior - he wasn't the fancy type, so we just went to a Chinese buffet lol. Our fav at the moment in Panda House at the Quay. It is pretty good in my opinion. Sorry, no pics as had been to that place so many times...I just forgot..

Gave him his present early as well. I got him a wallet. Well, he said he liked it, so that's good haha. It's a John Rocha wallet, I just thought it's functionally well equipped to his needs - doubled billed, with good number of card slots (and also a clear slot for pictures!). It's real leather exterior, so should last him considerably long. I don't have a picture of it either hahhaa - I think I just got lazy.

Then over the weekend, did a bit of a baking experiment. I baked some fruit based chocolate cake for him. It was not his type but he said it was nice... It wasn't bad. And it looked pretty nice - at first. Then it started melting....urrgghh. There goes my baking career. Nonetheless, this is where I bombard pictures at you guys....

Bought a bottle of rose wine from Tesco - it has the same ingredients as the one I tasted at Tempus restaurant but it doesn't taste the same... funny story - I wasn't allowed the wine at first cause I didn't have ID *sob sob*  

Mr Dino promoting wino - in the end I drank most of it anyway.... 

Me and cake - it didn't go to plan! 

I'd still eat it 


Cake and wine? 

I looks nice like that hahaha 

And to top it off with Mr Dino and his cake 

Over the weekend, we did also go to the Fort and then Nando's. It's like a little date day heheh. Bought more stuffs....

Long necklace that is meant to be worn in a unique way.... maybe I'll show it one day lol 

Heart shaped pendant 

Checkered button down shirt 

Black, pink, purple patterned clutch 

 When you open it

Fingerless gloves lol love love love

Selfie pic 

Happy steph 

My hot quater chicken with chips and coleslaw 

Mr Dino's chicken filler burger with chips and corn on the cob

That concludes the (belated) post of the week....

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 06/10/13I

Yo. It's another weekend gone. I was working nightshift last week. It was not too bad actually. Got a bit exciting on the last day of my nights which quickly descended to feeling completely useless and shiet..... Anyways, can't really remember much of what I did the previous week.

Went for lunch with Mr Dino's family (aunts, uncle and gran) at the Chophouse. It's this little place in Merchant City, which is quite nice and reasonably priced. Unfortunately, my order of main wasn't great, so nothing to rave about. I don't have pictures of what everyone else ate (except Mr Dino's of course)... which is a shame. Because, everyone else is saying how tasty their food was and I was like....ehhhh.

Right,picture time!!

The Chophouse 

Me at the non-entry door - wearing new faux leather jacket and a cream dress... 

My starter - bbq chicken wings, was superb!! So succulent and niceee

Mr Dino's pan fried mushrooms- was nice as well lol

My pork chops with mash and apple sauce - very bland and dry pork chops, and the apple sauce not very nice. Though, the mash was tasty.....-_- 

Mr Dino's braised steak - very yummyyy. 

Others had steak, fish and chips and also haggis. All sounds and looks so much nicer than mine....:((

To compensate for the rubbish pork chops - got a knickerbocker glory which is niiicceee

I want to go back there to try something else!! So unfair!! 

So, let's see. What else happened... went for dinner with Mr Dino on Friday night at Panda House for chinese buffet. Was good as usual. Aimed for the prawns immediately.. heheh. No pics as been there so many times... but

My OOTD - panda T-shirt and denim like dungaree high waisted skirt 

Side profile

I look a little fat in the dungarees.... it is a little loose for me. :(

Oh, I have also booked tickets to go back to Malaysia this Dec-Jan!! Excited!! I am going home after more than a year lol... Argghhh. There shalt be loads of eating. Hahahahhaa. 

Okay, I have run out of things to write now... tomorrow is Mr Dino's birthday. Will update more on that next week :D

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 23/09/13

It felt like a really long week. Didn't have any pictures this week unfortunately. 

Work as usual on Monday and Tuesday.

Attended IMPACT course on Wednesday and Thursday. Glad to say that I passed it. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. It was just really nice not having to be in at work as well... it felt like a little time off. Although I wasn't really off....
Anyways, there one thing about the course that I have to absolutely rave about. I mean the course is great and had been fantastic revision for me. The instructors were good and very nice. And in the end, I got a certificate which can boost my CV. However, what I felt probably made the money paid worth it is the lunch provided by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 

I have NEVER attended a course where they serve HOT FOOD!
It was amazing!! (Shame I never took pictures.....)
First day lunch was chicken curry with rice and chapati and salad AND chocolate mousse pudding. And of course the abundance of coffee or tea and accompanying biscuits.
Second day lunch was steak pie and mash and roast vegetables. Plus, the option of salad. Pudding of chocolate cake or ?cheese cake (I wasn't sure, I took the chocolate one.....obviously). 
And they were actually decent! And tasty! Needless to say, I was impressed. 

Friday was an Ayrshire bank holiday for Sept weekend. Was gonna do some audit work but got lazy after gym (long overdue). Weather was too nice and decided to do laundry instead.....(just being sad). And did some preparation work.....

Mr Dino needed to finish some work as well over the weekend, so no funsies outing this weekend. I pretty much rested and watched TV and more preparation work. Laze laze laze

Since I didn't go in on Friday, gonna go in tomorrow and do some work and try and get back a little earlier. It's still a bank holiday and I didn't want to spend it all in the hospital...while I can. 

Oh, I also attended my first online learning session on Tuesday. It was.... awkward. I need to get a headphone with a mic on it as well. I was getting stressed out after that session. The coursework I have to do.... I have NO idea how I should start. ARGGHHHHHHH. Panic mode. 

Anyways, gonna try sleep and go in early-ish tomorrow. Then, do bit shopping and maybe movie? Hmmmmm 

I need a schedule. That I need to force myself to follow. And oh, no social life too. Die-ded

Sunday, September 15, 2013

26th Birthday

Guess what?? It's my birthday! I am 26. 26. I don't feel any different lol. I guess the next time I feel old would be when I'm 30.

I was working on Saturday from 9-5 pm. So, we went out for dinner on Friday. Remember, during the SGH Summer Ball, I won a lucky draw for dinner for 2 at Tempus Restaurant at the Grand Central Hotel. So, I thought we'd put that to good use lol.

 My outfit of the night - pink dress with my brand new blue heels. I can barely walk in it and I was scared I'd snap the think straps in front off lol.

In the car on the way there. I look so haggard.... and my hair wouldn't stay nice in a bun, so I just decided to let it down.  

Le menu 

Obligatory pictures at the table 

The voucher came with a complimentary bottle of wine. It was supposed to only be the house white or red but the waitress was so nice. She asked if they can have Rose in the selection as well and of course I chose the Rose. It is super duper delicious. It's so sweet, I love it.  

Part of the restaurant. It has a nice dark ambience to it, suitable for dates and such I guess. 

It looks like me frowning at it but my brain was actually going - mmmm this is NICE! 

More wine. I draink at least half the bottle. Was upset I didn't finish it. Such a waste. And Mr Dino was driving, so he couldn't drink. 

Mr Dino's starter - watercress soup. It was very tasty! 

I decided to be a little adventurous - chicken liver parfait. It's really strong for me to it by itself, it's really nice with the roll and the mango chutney and vinegar and the watercress, They complement each other so well

Pan seared salmon with mashed roast potatoes. So yummmy can or not 

Mr Dino roast pork belly - I tried some and it's gorgeous. The meat is so tender arrggghhhhh

Both of use ordered the same dessert - raspberry tart. It's nice but maybe a bit too chocolatey. 

On Sat, after work, was supposed to go for drinks and head off to someone's flat party and then the Shed or something. So, by the end, it was just two of us and we just decided to head straight to the party lol. We were pretty early as well. And we just kept drinking.... and drinking lol. It was great!! I found out all these gossips and stories that I NEVER knew and you know how much I love my gossips. OOOOhhh I love it!! It was great fun. I left round 1 am when they decided we should probably head out soon but I wanted to go home to Mr Dino. :) 

Then it's my birthday!! I'm gonna take a rest today. Mr Dino bought me a cake (with a lot of non-subtle hinting from me lol). 

Sad I'm getting older.....

Now, it's time for presents!!

A duffle coat!! Mr Dino got me a duffle coat awwwwww. We were in Topshop once and I saw the duffle coat and I just always wanted one!! 

And of course, it was hooded!!

Liying sent me a present - a slow cooker!! Wheeeee, Always wanted one. 

 White and just the right size!!

And then Mr Dino's mum brought over more pressies. Thornton's chocolates. 

Bunch of cards.  

Potpourri bowl and potpourri. 

And a box from New Look. 

It's a watch! 

Closer look at it. It was rose gold in colour. I don't usually like gold accessories but this is quite a nice colour.  

What ya think? Does my arm look nice in it?

And here are some other things I got online :p

High waisted denim skirt dungeree

PU skirt with laser cut outs 

It's difficult to see against the bed sheet, grey cotton pinafore with pockets. I love this! 

And, light blue lacey skirt with front buttons and pockets and belt. So suitable for work...

That's me for now. Tata. Happy birthday to me :D