Friday, July 30, 2010


More pictures of food coming!! So avert your eyes if you are not interested.... (I honestly have tooo many pictures of food...)

This is dried mee with soy sauce that I made from scratch! Even with fried shallots (although not obvious in this picture). I miss Indomie...

Dinner with Sree at No.16 - upstairs

View of outside from our seat

My main course - pan fried chicken breast which is super yummy but the sides are to sweet.

Raspberry and beetroot pannacota - ehhh...
Dinner at Beefeater Grill with Ryan

Lunch deal - 2 courses for 8.99 pounds. That's what we both got.

Obligatory pic of Ryan...

and me!!

Ryan's beef and ale pie - tastes of ale yumm

My 6 oz beef burger with onion rings in it and sides of chips and salad
Brownie (oh heavenly brownie) with ice cream. Honestly, the best I have eaten. THE BEST!!!

Went to Millhouse for dinner and watched World Cup finals with Naomi, Po Yi and Darren
Coke with orange slices?? Doesnt taste bad though...

Po Yi captured at an inopportuned time

My breaded haddock - not great

Naomi's salmon - looks good tastes ok
Po Yi's beef lasagne - apparently not that great either


Sunday, July 25, 2010

West End Festival

Pictures of the yearly West End Festival in Glasgow. Nothing much had changed from last year I guess....

Band in front of musuem.

Map of the event in the park.

One of the bands performing.

At the funfair area. One of the rides.

Another one.

And another.

Legal drinking area ( as drinking in public is illegal in UK)

Can crusher.

Fountain in Kelvingrove Park.

Someone is ermm tiger? costume.

Copoeira demonstration

Wet spherical thing..

Write on the car..

Some confectioneries bought.

On a plate.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So, a few months ago, Ryan and I went to Largs, a place south of Glasgow.

This are pictures on the way to Largs.

In Largs. On the way looking for a parking spot.

A Viking ship. Just for decorations..of course.

The stretch of beach sort of (beaches in UK are mainly stony...have no idea why they are beaches anyway)

Our picnic.

Nardini Cafe - apparently serves world known ice cream or so they claim...

Speedboat ride for 5 pounds!

Heheeh. Gingerbread Scottish men (in kilts! Cute!!)

Isn't this adorable???

Even the food are knitted!!!

Queuing up for Nardini's ice cream

Yummy looking desserts....

Me enjoying my chocolate mint ice cream ( although I don't think it's the best I've tasted..)