Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ubiquitous Chip and Guiness

Went to Ubiquitous Chip after PBl one Friday after our last PBL before hols, with Jamie and Zak. It was relaxing... Didn't feel like going home yet. So, we decided to go get a drink and sat down. I tried my first Guinness!!

a match box from UC.

a Guiness draught.

We sat there for hours, just talking and drinking and eating biscuits... That is before we have to start studying...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Buys And Discards

Alright. My friend from Japan sent me some more things. These are the things that she've sent to me...

See stamps...

At first I didn't know what it was. Then I noticed the clip thingy...and I realised it was a bra strap.


A measuring tape.

A bracelet.

Necklace. It's can be dissembled right.

Hair clip.


Bra set. Which I cannot fit in. Who wants bra and panties set? Brand new. Guaranteed not worn before. And I actually washed it ok..

A blouse.

Green blouse.

Coat. The size is a little big for me...but it's okay. Wearable..

Aside from that, I had also bought some stuffs. Some new stuffs I got are..

I bought a pair of heels from Promod online but when it arrived, I realised it was one size bigger. I swear that it was the normal size in UK for me...but who knows. Anyway, I didn't bother to return it. I am gonna make it work for me!! That I've poked holes in I can't really return them now...

I was in the city the other day and went to TK Maxx. And I saw an interesting jacket. Tried it on and was just right for me. I had to get it.

This is how the jacket looks like.

The brand. Bench.

The back view.

I like that it has this little hole on it's hands cuffs that you can put your thumb through.

And this too. This is at the back of the neck.

You can open it and it has this hood hidden in it. Cool!

Me wearing it. Not very clear though...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

London Trip - Day 2

So, we woke up round 7.45 to get ready and go down fro breakfast at 8 a.m. It was some really simple breakfast. Just cereals, milk, bread and butter and jam and coffee or tea. But, it's good enough. Had a good night sleep. At least I remembered I slept peacefully.

Then, we went back to our room at 9 and packed and got ready. Almost 10, we went down and checked out. I was dying to eat ice cream so, we went back to Waffle House and bought a mint chocolate ice cream. It wasn't so nice. But never mind.

Then, we walked around surveying souvenior shops. I bought 2 postcards. One for myself and one for Perlin. I forgot to take a shot of it. Anyways, then we proceeded with our plan. And went to Hyde Park.

It's this really big park. At first, we weren't even at Hyde Park yet. It's connected to this other one called Kensington Gardens. And that was big enough. Took us some time to walk from one end to the other....

But, the view was sooo breathtaking. I mean, the weather was superb. Was actually sunny!!! I haven't felt heat for a long time!!!! And it's just......beautiful!!

And on the lake, there are SWANS!! Freaking swans!!!! People were feeding them crumbs...

And ducks or drakes..

And some birds. Pretty.

This is us on our way to finding Serpentine Lake. And there were sooo many dogs around.

There was a time when we crossed the road and we saw people riding horses. Or ponies. Along the streets!!

And we saw the Princess Diana's Memorial Fountain.

And finally Serpentine Lake. It's a really huge lake spanning a distance of Hyde Park. Pretty view.

Okay, so we got to see the lake. Let's move on. We needed to find the nearest station. Which wasn't actually that near. We walked quite some distance across Kensington and to Knightsbridge. These are all the posh areas of London.

This is in Knightsbridge. Burberry!!

We took a tube to Piccadilly Circus. It's a really busy area. It's a must go to.

Off-peak one day travel card for zone 1 and 2. 5.60 pounds.


Some shopping areas.

Okay, there wasn't much to see. But, there was a souvenior shop which we entered and I bought some things there. Including Fong's.

Shot glass for Fong.

And a shot glass for me!!

After some time, we went to find Trafalgar Square. On the way, we passed by places with statues.

And saw policemen or women in flourescent vests and their fancy caps.

And, I never knew there were so many ice cream trucks around!! This is just oneeee of them.

So, we walked down further and saw a huge ass set of stairs.

And it leads to a really long road.

At one end are arches.

At the other end is the Buckingham Palace which we went to the day before.

Have I mentioned that there were so many tourists that I see more French or some foreign people more than English people?? Those were Frenchies.

And there were a lot of media around that area as well. Cause the Queen was there and there were some G20 convention or something.

Okay, we managed to find our way to Trafalgar Square. Look at what we saw!!

Not clear?? Let me enlarge it for you.

Restoran Malaysia!! You see??

Right. Now, I'll stop being sakai.

Trafalgar Square.

We also saw a lot of street...erm drawers? Artists!! Here are some of them.

Our next destination is Leicester Square. And they don't pronounce the 'ce'. It's like Leister Square. However, we were hungry cause it's noon. And we decided it was time for lunch.

We found this place that looks pretty nice. They hav set lunch for like 7.95 with a starter and main course. Cool. Why not?

Garfunkel. Name of the restaurant.

The inside looks pretty cute and comfy.


We took the starter and main set. For starters, we had chicken wings. Yummy. It was seriously seriously good. Not kidding.

For the main, both of use had spaghetti carbonara. It was ok... Wasn't exactly fantastic but good enough, I guess. I can't exactly pin point what was missing but there's no...umph to it. I think... But, overall it was a good meal. I was full. *burp*

After the meal, we went to find Leicester Square. But, we kinda got lost and decided to take the tube to there. And voila, we were there. There wasn't really much to see there. It's just another road or something...

some garden at Leicester Square.

I do not know what that was but I was just interested with the name. The Crooked Surgeon. I wonder what it was....

Then, we followed the signs and reached Chinatown.

it's like a must to have a arch in Chinatown.

closer view.

Alright, on the way, we also reached Soho.

Just for you information, Soho is pretty known as a gay district and with all it's clubs, pubs and diners.

Just to make a point.

After this, we had planned to go to Covent Garden. I have no idea what's good there but jus for a look. We went to Oxford Circus Station. You see, Oxford Road, is another of those gay areas..

And we arrived. We saw a street performer. A headless guy doing some miming..

Anyways, there's this shopping place. I don't remember what it's called. But, it used to be a wet market I think. So, the insides still looks like that but now they sell fashion. Clothes, accessories, etc etc. Quite kewl.

And there were some kids playing music.

There wasn't much to see either and wasn't really planning to buy anything. I found London a bit tooo expensive.

So, we went to our next destination. Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

Just outside the Tower Hill station, there's a sun dial. Just random.

And we walked and walked and lookie!!! The Tower Bridge. Hard to miss in blue...

Some closer view of parts of it.

And some more.

And wanted to look for the Tower of London. It's somewhere behind in the picture.

And this is part of it.

After we've done our expedition on the hill... we are going to our last place..

Harrods. It's some posh shopping place.

Like any other shopping places, it has different deparments and such. But the place that fascinated me most is the food hall. Hahah. There's this room with chocolates and delicacy and there's another with bakeries and sweets.

This is statue of the man that established the place. Or that's what I heard...

Chocolates and more...

There's also a cigar and fine wine section..

So, me and my friend bought Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme!!!!

Looks delicious doesn't it?

The shops are closing, so we went back to our hostel. Cause my friend left his bag there. He didn't want to lug it around.

At first, I went and buy my souveniors. I bought keychains for my Yan, Phing and IZ. I also bought a pack of cards Nic.

I bought this keychain for myself.

I bought this for Shin.

And this is like a free gift. Cause at first he was going to give us a 10% discount. But he forgot and then he said chose something worth 90 pence or unless I want the money back. So, I asked what can I get for 90 pence. He said, you can get the pen. It was 99 p. But, he'd give it for 90 p.

So, I chose a pen. Hmm...maybe I can give it to someone.

We went and had dinner at KFC. And then, when the time comes, we went to the train station. And made our way to the bus station. Where there was a bloody long line.

We got onto the bus. This time we used Megabus. Which sucks big time. And the place where I was sitting, the lady, heck she wasn't a lady. Some rude female leaned her chair back soo much that I barely had space but I don't care. I''m used to it anyway. But, I mean that was soo inconsiderate you know...It's a really terrible bus with small, narrow space, for goodness sake.

But, I managed to catch some sleep. Though, each time I woke up, I had such a stiff neck...

I arrived home safe and sound...and rested. So tireed.

Thus the end of my London trip. :)