Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 26/05/2013

Had been working night shift the past week. Been pretty busy on few days and doing stupid things on a few days. The usual. But who want's to hear about my boring night shift. You want to hear about my even more boring life right??

On Tuesday, Ryan came and stayed over my place. :D I started going back to the gym again. Am getting fatter and fatter again. *cries* And then continued to go to gym on Wed and Fri. Feels a little more active lol. Ryan stayed over on Wed as well then left on Thurs morning. It's been so nice having him around when I arrive home and when I leave work haha. Especially when he makes my breakfast and dinner for me :) Love love love.

Anyways, went over to Ryan's on Friday after night shift. He's finally got broadband!! So excited. I can finally use Internet over at his place. After soooo long. Then, for the rest of the day I just went to sleep. Lalala.

Saturday, I didn't really do much either. I tried to sort out some changing of addresses. We did go to the park for a little walk because it was such a nice day.

Some random pictures at Hogganfield Park. Outfit of the day. Dungarees and baseball varsity jacket. 

Sunday, was going to go cycling in the morning but we couldn't find the keys to the locks on the bikes. So that didn't work out. We did watch a movie later. Watched The Great Gatsby - it was a pretty good film. Pretty much like what the book says I think even though I've not actually read the book personally. The acting in it was pretty good. I thought that Leonardo di Caprio and Tobey McGuire are good choices for the characters. I live the 1920s fashion and the mansions in it and the cars are so niceeeee. The story line was good but somehow I expected more but can't really pinpoint on what it was that was missing. Overall, I did enjoy it.

Also went shopping....again.

Bought some bikinis for the summer hol...... 

And another. It was only 4 pounds for each pair! From Primark.

I don't think you can see it from the picture but it's some shiny black leggings. I wanted to create that wet look leggings look. 


And more colourful vests 

Some coloured shirts - it's got a back cut out and tied at the back as well. These are the only ones not from Primark - from Internationale 

And of course, to top it all off, a summery hat. :)

It's bank holiday tomorrow. So, no work!! But I've got so much things to do anyway lalala. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 19/05/13

Last week felt really busy as well.

Monday, I went dress shopping after work. I was going to go to ShinYing's graduation party on Thursday therefore needing a more formal dress. And I was going to wear the same dress again for the Southern Summer Ball as well lol. I also managed to get a few things sorted out in terms of meeting with supervisors, locum work pay etc.

Wednesday Ryan came and we decided to go for dinner lol. Went to Shilla (yumms).

Thursday is the day!! It was a bit of a rush from getting home from work and getting ready.... shower, shaving, dressing, make up, hair, bags and shoes... But I wasn't even late by the end hahahah. Good work!!

Show you the dress I bought first!

 I bought this dress from Quiz at £30. It's really comfy and elegant. So worth the money in my opinion. It's kinda covered up but has this sexy slit on the left side as seen below.

*Disclaimer: I stole this from Facebook*

Can you spot me? 

Haven't seen Naomi for ageess!! 

My table 

One of the main course - salmon fillet. I had this. Quite nice 

They had a few activities in between eating. There were musical box passing, award presentations and lucky draw and at the end of the day, ceilidh. Oh, while waiting for guests to arrive as well, there were more formal photo sessions. I don't have mine at hand so cannot show you......

I was asked to present one of the awards - for most paediatrician-like person. Love my dressssss

Congrats Stefanie! Stefanie and Stephanie lol 

Sorry I don't have any pictures of the other activities lol. And after dessert, there is ...... more desserts. One of the graduates baked both these amazing looking (and tasting) cakes. I am so jealous :(

Group picture with the cakes lol. 

Close up of one of the cakes - I think it was rose flavoured sponge with raspberry and lychee filling and rose buttercream exterior

Also no pictures of the ceilidh. The allocated photographer had gone home by then lol and I didn't know if anyone else took pictures haha. But ceilidh was pretty fun considering it was by instructions and all also so noob about it except for this Scottish couple...-_-

Friday, I stayed home after work to sort things out before going over to Ryan's the next day. Then I managed to persuade him to come over instead hahha and we go over to his the next day. Over the weekend, really didn't do anything except mainly sleep. I was very sleep deprived. 

We did watch the Eurovision on Saturday which is pretty well......Eurovision. And the on Sunday watched a movie - Epic. It is an animated film about how this girl got associated with these bunch of leaf men (tiny little men who live in the ecosystem) and how a bunch of bugs were trying to destroy them. It was typical animated film, funny and family friendly. I love it :) Such a feel good film.

Oh and finally booked flights and accomodation for our holiday in Greece. We are going to Crete. Booked everything through Thomson, ahha so easy. But a little expensive but the hotel looked so good, close to the beach and couples only place. Also half board and so feels like it's worth it. I am sooooo excited!!

Back to work on Monday. Night shift. Please please please don't be busy.......

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 12/05/13

Sooo, it's Sunday again. I am working again this weekend lol.

There hadn't been anything particularly interesting this week that I can chat about....not that my life in general is that interesting anyway...

I finally finished that audit that I did with a colleague of mine and presented it at the surgical meeting. It was fine lol. Didn't get grilled too much. People were generally happy with it lol.

I also also also got my new phone case!! It's a side flip shell thing... LOOK!!

Can also put it up to stand!

And a random picture of my dinner on Friday night. Delivery from Ichiban lol. Prawn tempura donburi and a vegetarian sushi platter.

Update next weeekkk

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Here are a collection of food I've eaten over the monthsssssss


Sorry about the pictures being on the side *shrugs*. Yummy pancakes with maple syrupppp

Full English Breakfast


Costa Ice Blended Coffee and Hot Chocolate


New frappes introduced in McD - mocha flavour above

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 05/05/13

Hallooo! So let's see what I've been up to.

On Wed, I broke my phone... I changed my tariff last week and they sent me a new sim card. I tried to insert the sim card only to find that it was the wrong way in and then couldn't take it out. I did eventually pull it out but then it would not detect any sim card after that. Needless to say, after a busy on call day, I was frustrated and bloody pissed off. Good thing I kept my old Nokia phone so I used it as my back up phone.

It did give my an excuse to get a new phone. I already got a contract for 12 months with my sim card and really don't want to change it. So, I just bought a sim free phone. And what did I get??

Blackberry Z10

Super love it. It's all touch screen but it works pretty well. That was my main concern. That they keypad would be shit but it was fine. I was tittering between that and the Q10. But Z10 is cheaper and nicer looking, so here you go.

Bought it at Braehead on Friday and then later went to Ikea. Bought a 4 drawer chest in white for Mr Dino's spare room. Which would mainly house my things.. :D

On Saturday, had dinner with Shin Ying and Liying at Shin Ying's house aka. my old flat lol. She cooked Hainan Chicken Rice!! So wonderful. And nice to catch up with everyone as well. :)

This is the only picture I took of the dinner

And guess what?? Liying bought me some extra love from Dundee or Edinburgh. She found Pepperidge Farm biscuits in Tesco lol. 

Super yummy goodness

Also random pictures of shoes I bought previously. From Deichmann. I tried it the other day, for some reason, it kept slipping out. I swear it fits when I was in the shop!!

Lastly, I had to work the Sunday.. and the bank holiday on Monday. So this is me knackered out of my brain...