Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yen and Saw 3D

So, this was my last GP block. I had surprisingly enjoyed it. The GPs had all been really nice and I managed to learn quite a bit from them.

Last Monday, was Ryan's graduation for his Master's degree. I couldn't attend his graduation cause it was in the afternoon and I have to go to the GP. His mum, him and I went for dinner afterwards at this posh Chinese-Thai-Japanese place called Yen. It was really nice despite being pricey. And his mum paid for it anyway. :) Heheh. By the end of the night, I was extremely full!! And not to mention bloated... but oh so worth it!! I would definitely go there again...if I have money to spare.

Yen at night - dark so not very clear, it's this circular building and there's 2 floors to the restaurant 

We went upstairs - menu for Japanese, Thai and Cantonese food 

The restaurant upstairs - downstairs is teppenyaki restaurant 

Complimentary prawn crackers to share and a pot of tea for moi

Ryan having dived into prawn crackers

Ryan and his mum- sorry for the blurriness 

 Chicken parcels - Thai style

Fried squid

Prawn dim sum 

For the main course - they brought out this heater before hand - it's a metal thing with fire underneath 

From left to right - king prawn curry, chicken green curry, and chicken tom yam. Oh they are so so so so yummy!!

Pots of rice - small pot is mine cause I ordered boiled rice and the bigger pot is egg fried rice

After dinner, we had desserts (although our tummies were already to the brim) 

I had the Banoffee Bombe and Ryan's mum had the Fantastica. 

 Banoffee Bombe - banana ice cream with toffee centre covered in white chocolate and amaretto biscuit

Fantastica - don't quite remember what it is haha

Ryan's hot chocolate 

 Fortune cookies and mint chocolates when we leave. 

On Friday night, I went over to Ryan's. We bought pizza and chips from a supermarket for dinner. I was craving for pizza lol. We also go ice cream and oyster-shaped wafer shells and vanilla ice cream and cream soda. Yummm. So we had kind of like a soda float. And the next day, I had an ice cream oyster :) So spoiled.

We went to watch Saw 3D on Saturday afternoon. Was gonna watch the earlier one but was late so we decided to watch the later one instead. It was supposed to be the final chapter of Saw. I liked that it was just as gory as the previous ones but the story line was confusing. The 3D is not necessary but I still liked it. One of my favourite all time movies.

And while I was at the cinema, saw this movie poster for a show called NEDs: Non-Educated Delinquents. Hahaha. Fong, remember what I've told you about NEDs? I cannot believe it actually being made into a movie. So, I'm telling a lie!!! Wuahahahaa.

Neds (Sección Oficial) Fotos
This is the only relevant picture of the movie I can find. It's in Spanish but you get the drift...

Oh, since we arrived earlier at the cinema and after buying tickets for a movie more than 2 hours later we went to walk around in the city. I wanted to check my bra size so went into La Senza to try on a few bras and  decided to get a free bra fitting. I am sooo happy I finally know what size I am. I am a 32 D now or 34 C for comfort. I was doubtful at first because I was uncomfortable in a 32. The cup size is fine. But, when I think of it, it makes sense. The 32 D for my size is when the clasp is at the furthest so when it loosens it will be just right wouldn't it?

On a side note, this morning in church, I was asked to do the reading. (It's a part of the mass where parts of the bible was read out) It was my first time and was exciting while at the same time nerve-wrecking! But I thought it went well. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last Friday, I had a day off, so I was over at Ryan's on Thursday night. Had a long lie in on Friday morning then went to do a bit of shopping. I needed to buy cards and such and DVDs to watch on Friday night. We were going to celebrate Halloween a bit earlier since Ryan's working on Saturday night.

Ryan's mum got a lot of Halloween decorations for the house. So, basically on Friday night, I spent most of the time decorating the house. It looked quite nice, I'd have to say. We also carved a pumpkin! We named him Peter. Hahahaa. Peter the pumpkin. Lame.... I know.

Then we ate candy and watched Child's Play. The one with Chucky in it. I've never seen it and neither did Ryan. But it wasn't that scary after all....it's actually funny at some parts. We also watched The Collector which is from one of the directors of Saw. It's very much like Saw. Sick, torturous, gory scenes which I think is much scarier and disturbing....

On Saturday, we stayed in most times and then I helped with a bit of painting at Ryan's house. He's repainting the doors and walls. Took me 2 hours plus (at least) to paint 2 sides of a door.... but it was worth it. I enjoyed it!! Was fun. I should do more DIY from now on....oh wait. I don't have time. *sighs*

Today, I went to the city with Ryan to get him a new suit for his graduation tomorrow. Yes, he is graduating from his Masters tomorrow. Then maybe we'll be going out for dinner (with his mother). So, we stopped by several shops and eventually got a dark grey plain suit which I think looked nice and a pair of ties. Was gonna get a formal shirt and shoes but we were too tired to be bothered. Shopping can be surprisingly strenuous.