Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 24/03/13

I'm supposed to be post night shift this week but I took an extra four days of night shifts, making it a total of 7 nights. By the end of the 7 days, I was completely knackered. I was supposed to be going to Aberdeen this weekend but it was snowing in Scotland (yes! In March!). It was apparently affecting Aberdeen quite a bit... so classes were cancelled. When I found out that I'm not going to Aberdeen, I totally crashed. Pretty much slept the whole day... except for when I woke up for dinner.

Went  to Loon Fung and then for movie with Mr. Dino today. Well, by now, it's yesterday. It was a nice lil day out. And so glad Mr. Dino liked the food in Loon Fung. We watched Jack and the Giant Slayer. I really liked the movie. I would have enjoyed it in 3D. Will put up pictures of imsum and a more detailed personal review of Jack and the Giant Slayer.

At the moment, it's a matter of a quick summary of my week... Leaving to London and Bath for 3 days from tomorrow. Might hear from me at some point. Tata for now

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 17/03/13

I'm sorry. I've been late with my updates again... I've been working nightshifts during the weekend. So, that's my excuse. I'm currentlyon night shift as I type!

Anyways,  what have I been up to? Not that anyone asked.... :(

I went for Zumba toning class at the Scotston Glasgow Club on Tuesday and it was very fun! I was tired and sweaty and sore after so I felt like I had done a great amount of cardio plus worked my muscles. Will defo go back again.

I also went to watch a movie by myself on Wed. Decided to watch something...light hearted. So Guilt Trip it was! Pardon the irony... I liked it. In short, it was about a son ended up going on a road trip with his mother while he was trying to sell some product that he had created. The mum was a typical naggy mum who has mucho love fpr her son but obviously the son was not very keen on having listen to his mum nag and give advice all the time (even if sometimes it can be helpful). I can personally relate to that... It obviously ended well with good son-mother bonding thing. After the movie, I felt guilty about treating my mum badly when she tries to give advice cause she means nice. Although sometimes not the most applicable, it's the thought that counts  I guess. I do think sometimes I don't give parents enough credit or pay much attention to their advice. Just because it feels like they're telling me what to do and I got sick of that. I don't know if they understand that I am more grown up and I am capable of making my own decisions. And although their advice are valid, sometimes I thik it's important to let me decide myself or make my own mistakes in order to learn it. They kind of expect you to just listen wihtout questioning. It's annoying like that. I am going to try and listen better.  But I stick to my own judgments. If it's valid advice I will take it. If I disagree then well, I will take z deep breath and don't shout at them....

Thursday was my date night with Mr. Dino! Went ot Bacchus with a voucher that I he bought for both of us! So excited. It's a bar/restaurant along Glassford Street. The place was empty when we were there. The voucer entitles us to a shared plattern of steamed mussles and an 8oz steak each with chunky chips and salad. It was yummmmyyyyyy. Te mussels were heavenly. I have no idea what sauce it was but it was soooo delicious. The chips and salad was nice and although the seasoning forthe steak was good and flavourful, it was way too chewy for me. I did order a well done but I found it really difficult to chew through it. Or maybe it's just me... I still think they have overdone it. We ordered an extra dessert each but we both ordered the same - hot fudge chocolate cake. It was scrumptious! You know how much I adore sweets. We left as they were just about to start a pup quiz lol. I didnt understand why the place was empty... maybe because it was a weekday. But the food was pretty good and reasonably priced and the staffs were nice too. So by the end of the day, we had a great meal annd really enjoyed ourselves for what I think, for the Groupon porce, was worth the money.

Oh,, I also bought a new bag which I ordered online from this website called JusFab. I will explain about it in more detail when I have the chance...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 10/03/13

I'm a bit late with my weekly updates this week. Anyways, have been on night shifts last week which has been very well overall. Tried to go to gym when I finish night shift so I get a bit of exercise done...

I also managed to go swimming by myself! on Friday morning. I look like a right dumbo but hey ho, I've gotta learn somehow or another. Then went over to Mr.Dino's and departed for Aberdeen later in the afternoon. It was an extremely long drive especially because the M90 was closed for repairs or something and we were diverted through some hilly route to Aberdeen. I was drenching as well and by the time we got to Aberdeen, my night shift sleepiness was kicking in and all I wanted to do was sleep...zzzzz. Had fish and chips for dinner and then was completely knocked out not long later.

Got up the next day, and while Mr.Dino whizzes off to teach, I stayed in the Travelodge room and watched TV, showered and prepared to check out. Here's a showcase of what I wore....

OKAY..... I am still trying out collages and I realise that is a bit small but I'm not sure if it will enlarge if clicked on so here.... this is a summary picture

A kinda sporty/casual look with my Topshop vintage looking bag :p

I bought some new accessories a few months ago and just trying them out - a wing earring and a knuckle-duster in heart shapes

P/S: the ring broke before I even got out of the room..... and I have since superglued them. Crossing fingers it might work....

After checking out, went to Union Square and bought tickets for Safe Haven. It was an..... ok movie. A few twists here and there but somehow didn't really excite me that much by the end of the movie. 


So basically, the movie was about this girl who ran away to some place in Atlanta? after doing something suspiciously like murder ( wasn't actually shown in the beginning). She managed to escape by bus with the help of an old women who was initially unsure what in relation was to her. She reached this small town by the end and met Josh Duhamel. Created a fake name, cut her hair and changed her hair colour as well and found work as a waitress in a local seafood restaurant.   

As the story progresses, both of them started to fall in love. He had two kids to a wife who died of cancer, by the way. In between the love story, it showed a police officer actively looking for this girl, named Katie. He put up a wanted list to find her for a first degree murder.   Although the wanted picture reached the local police station, somehow none of the police officers seems to recognise her even though it was a really small town where you really can't miss anyone. And Josh Duhamel also happened to be the local police's best friend. It is also important to note that Katie met another women who was her neighbour and they became friends.

As the search for Katie by the police officer continues, it was revealed that he was an alcoholic and that Katie is actually his wife. He was suspended from work but continues his frantic search for her. He broke into his neighbour's house (who was the old women who helped Katie escaped!!) and found a voice message by Katie to say that she was safe. Called the phone number from where Katie called from and realised where she was.

Meanwhile, Josh found Katie's wanted picture and confronted her. In short, he was pissed but eventually listened to her story of her abusive alcoholic husband of a police officer and one day decided to escape after stabbing his with a knife (of course without successfully killing him). He vows to protect her and she stays.

It was the 4th of July and everyone was celebrating. The police officer reaches the town, found Katie and they get in an argument. He wasn't pleased she wasn't following him back and tries to set their shop on fire. They got into a fight while Josh tries to rescue his daughter who was trapped in the fire. In the end, the police was shot in the head and dies. 

By the end of the movie, the friend she met while in town decided it was time for her to go. Josh presented a letter written by his late wife addressed 'To Her' to Katie. There was a photo in the letter which revealed that the friend she met in town is actually Josh's late wife!! And they lived happily ever after...

Right, sorry about the rambling but I found it difficult to express the synopsis of the film without being in length. Anyways, while there as well, I had frozen yogurt for lunch. 

Chocolate yumminess at Frogurtz. It tastes just like ice cream.....

When Mr.Dino finishes work, he came over to join me for an early dinner before heading home. We went to TGIF.

Shared Jack Daniel wings for starter. I just love the Jack Daniel sauce at TGIF 

A toothpick hygienically wrapped - just in case you thought someone had used it before the packed it...... -_-''

Both of us ordered the same - Classic burger. Absolutely yummy

And that pretty much concludes the week. I shalt end with a camwhore picture of me after swimming with my makeup on.. and my wet hair.-_-'''


Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 04/03/13

So I joined the gym last week on Saturday after Mr Dino decided to join the gym. Paid £31 pounds a month  for unlimited fitness access at any Glasgow Club. I thought it wasn't too bad. Went to the swimming pool after registration and stuffs and get back on my swimming again.... which I wasn't really capable of to begin with.. I can only move about in the shallow end and maybe manage a few breast strokes. So I'm hoping to get back into it again. Thought that would be good!! I do like swimming.

Went to Scotstoun centre as it's nearest to my place. Very big and fancy. That's me at the front the one of the buildings where the gym, pool and activity hall is.

Went for the gym induction today as well. Apparently won't be able to use the gym if I wasn't inducted for oh well. It lasted about 10 minutes...generally telling me what the machines do and stuff like that. And probably cos I was the only person that morning lol. The guy seems friendly enough though I do think I was very uninterested. I think it's really just because I am quiet ok... and a little uncomfortable cause I didn't understand some of the weights and muscle toning stuffs. 

I really should go do some stuffs at the gym but I couldn't be bothered so got some groceries and went home and here I am doing this. Going into night shift tonight...urghhh. Don't really know what to expect. I hope there's not weird stuffs happening overnight so I won't be overly busy :(

I also took some locum night shift at the Royal as there will be no cover for it. Hey, it's extra pay and I've done it before. I should know what I am doing.... Those funds will go into holidays!!

Alright, back to what I did during the week. After the swimming session on Saturday, also went for brunch at Tribeca. Heard so much about it, wanted to try it for myself. Walked 20 minutes from my place to there, as I underestimated how far it was, and Mr.Dino was getting moany about it hmph.

Menu of American style breakfast

My order of iced mocha and Mr.Dino's apple juice 

My £7.50 french toast with maple syrup. It's tasty but I have honestly tasted better.... 

Mr.Dino's Manhanttan Style Breakfast. £8.90. Mr. Dino was very unimpressed with the food offered for that price... It was nice but not worth the money.

Whether I will go back again? Not often anyways. It's small and very busy and it's expensive. It's not bad but I don't really want to pay that amount for brunch and I can probably make that myself at home... I prefer Montgomery's. Heheh. Maybe waffles are just more my thing. 

Oh, I also made some really simple buy yummy chocolate-covered cornflakes a few days ago. Just because. 

Well, I guess that sums up my week. As you can see, I discovered collages and thought they are so cute I wanted to use them while I'm still bothered... :p

Friday, March 1, 2013

Starbucks Spelling

I read this really funny piece of article on the Daily Mail and I just wanted to share it... I was pissing myself laughing when I first read this. It was hilarious!!

Read it for yourself.
Hilarious Starbucks Cup Spelling

Tell me, have you had a similar experience? Seriously..... who thinks that vagina and anus is an actual name?? I just have people spelling my name as Stefany or smth....nothing too odd. Thankfully.... :p