Friday, October 31, 2008


Just to wish you guys out there


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lectures -_-"

We had lectures at Wolfson Building and Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre (WILT). This was what we did there.

Take random pictures, camwhore and indulge in origami...-_-"

Seriously not listening to lectures AT ALL...

Thanks to Edah and Farah for some of the pics :p

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Room

Okay, there isn't much to see. And the lighting is terrible but here is a brief walk through my room.

This is my sliding wardrobe. As you can see, the space in between the wardrobe and the bed is SMALL. But it's either that or the bed goes facing the door. SO..

This is my really messy unmade bed. I've changed the sheets now, so it doesn't look like that anymore and there is a bedside table..

That is my table, the first thing you see when you walk into my room. It's kinda full and actually that is not the real view now cause after that shelfs were added on top of the table..see below.

See. Shelfs!

Sorry, these pics were taken when I just moved in so it's kinda a bit outdated. The room looks slightly different now. :)

I'm just too lazy to take some more.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Things I've Bought

This below is a jacket I've bought.

This is to show a mirror I've bought from IKEA.

This is a long pants I got from H&M.

This is a cardigan from H&M

This is a turquoise sweater from H&M.

This is a bargain shirt from H&M.

This is another bargain shirt from H&M.

This is a buttoned-down jacket I got from Topshop on a student's sale.

This is a formal shirt I got from Topshop.

This is a T-shirt I got from Topshop.

A purple cardigan from Topshop.

A T-shirt from Topshop.

Pajamas from LaSenza.
Nike sport shoes. And mind you, this is under a junior's section. I'm wearing a 5 and a half.

A bottle wine from IKEA. Sharing with Liying.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dinner at Naomi's

Last Saturday, Naomi invited us over to her house to eat!! And it was a feast!! Thank you soo much. And her Thai housemate, Art cooked Tom Yam!! It was sooo delicious. Yummm~

This is Coca-Cola chicken. It tasted really great!! Although there is no Coke taste but it was sweet. Slrp.

These are mixed vegetables. With seafood!!! Lots and lots!!

We sat on the floor to eat. In Naomi's room.

Yew Wen and Zoe.

Li Li, Eric (their French housemate), and Boon (Naomi's Indian housemate)


French fries are delicious..

Zoe and Li Li.

TOM YAM!!!!!!!!!! Orgasmic.

Chicken. Cooked by the Thai housemate too. Seriously yummy.

After the dinner, they had some function elsewhere and I just decided to tag along and see. It was like a houseful or people! I mean it literally. And these are a few of the photos we took while we were there. We drank cider and some non-alcoholic beer that tasted like crap and ate free snacks. Haha.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nights at 27

Most of the IMU-ians who are in Glasgow stays at 27 Kelvinhaugh St. except for me , Naomi (stays at private acc. somewhere a bit further down) , Sree (stays at Kelvinhaugh St. but at a different number) and Zakhir (stays at Murano). They are really very nice. Li Ying always asks us to go to her place to eat. She really takes care of us. That day, Alfred and Li Li asks us to go his house for fried bee hoon. Yesterday, we went to Zoe's house to eat fried rice. Zoe and Yew Wen cooked. And today, Naomi asked us to go to her house to eat. Slrrrppp.. *yum* Actually, we have a lot of dinner plans today...will tell more later.

I've decided to put up some random pics of when we were at 27.

This is a piece of autograph signed by Juan Antonio to Chong Li Li. He is soo funny. Marc said that Antonio was in some singing competition but was unfortunately eliminated in the first round but I still don't know whether it was true or not. Then, Naomi told Antonio that Li Li said that he is very cute. I think he was really shy but then he asked whether he wanted his signature. So cute!! Haha.

This is Antonio preparing some dishes. Mmmmmm~

We taking barley from Li Ying. Naomi acting cute.Hehe.

Food. Corguettes. I hope I don't spell it wrong.

Potatoes and corguettes. Cooked by French guys. Apparently, French guys are very good at cooking..

From left to right: Liying, LiLi, Alfred, Naomi, Yew Wen, Zoe

Barley. :) Sayang Liying.

At Alfred's apartment. From left: LiLi (she doesn't want to see me), Pushpak?, Erik, Alfred and Naomi who is also taking pics.
Chef. Alfred.
Fried bee hoon. A taste of home.

Alcoholic. Tsk tsk.

From left: Antonio and Marc (Lieo Jiun and Liying's flatmate).

Baileys. Deliciousssss

Baileys and icecream for meee..

Ice cream.